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  1. mikecox

    Docking station issue

    My Surface Book is connected to a docking station and has been for years. I use the Surface to edit videos in PD and Pr and photos in Ps, Lr. Recently however PD is behaving badly. Also, when I unplug the docking station windows crashes and has to be rebooted, I'm sure the docking station is...
  2. mikecox

    AT WITS END!! re Pre Pr and Suface Book

    What can I do? I've posted here and on the Adobe Pr Pro forum but no one is having this problem, apparently, but me. I took the computer the MS Store and showed them what was happening, they got the same results. They told me the tablet battery wasn't charging, which I was aware of but I...
  3. mikecox

    Attention: Premiere Pro users; HELP

    I am so frustrated by how unstable Pre Pro is, on my SB, and why, on my much less powerful tower, that came with Windows 98 and is currently running Windows 10 these issues do not occur. There are times when I am editing clips on my SB and everything appears to be running smoothly until I...
  4. mikecox

    Missing NVidia control panal

    M IT service did a "tuneup" and now I can't find the NVideo Control panel in the system Control Panel. Can someone tell me how I can get it back?
  5. mikecox

    Docking station: overheating/sound drop off

    In the past few months, I've experienced sudden drops in sound levels for no appealing reason. I've r/o system issues; this started happening with my original SB and continues to happen with my new (replacement) SB. I've also r/o problems with my external Boaz system. When it happens and...
  6. mikecox

    Sound volume drop off

    I was setting up my recently replaced SB when the sound volume suddenly dropped off, which used to happen with my original SB. Eventually, the volume returned, as it always did on my original SB, but why is this happening again, on a brand new machine. Just like it did on the old one? I...
  7. mikecox

    Sudden drop in sound

    I just got my Surface replaced and while setting it up the sound volume suddenly dropped off, which used to happen with my original Surface. The first time it happened on my old Surface I thought it was Pandora. I contacted them and they said no, they were not having a problem. Eventually...
  8. mikecox

    Need a Hi Res Surface compatible monitor

    I am a video editor, running Premiere Pro. I do a lot of scrubbing and zooming in on images and need a monitor that will give me the kind of resolution the Surface screen has. I have seen gaming monitors with 3860 and 2560 not none exactly 3000. Should I be shooting for a monitor that has a...
  9. mikecox

    Replacement cost

    I was told, here, that to replace my SB I'd have to pay $350. When I was in the MS Store I was told it would cost me $550. Is it possible the store price is due to a commission or was the quote I got here just way off?
  10. mikecox

    Repair or replace options

    The Tablet Battery on my SB is dead, and it will not charge. The MS store told me that replacement was the only option and that they could do it for $550.00! Is there a cheaper route to getting a replacement?
  11. mikecox

    Will not start even after hard reboot steps

    My SB will not turn on. I followed the hard reboot steps below which has worked in the past when this occurred but it will not work this time. Step 1: Press/hold the Power button for 30 seconds. Step 2: Press/hold volume-up button and the power button for 15 seconds. The screen may flash...
  12. mikecox

    Premiere Pro users; are there any?

    I have been using Premiere Elements for years but it doesn't run well on my SB. Imported jpg and tiff mages display with verticle lines. When I use PrE on my very old desktop this doesn't happen. I installed Premiere Pro on my SB last night and I could not create a "new project", PrP went...
  13. mikecox

    Repeated Needs to reboot to finish upgrade

    I just discovered that my SB will not start when it's not plugged in apparently because the tablet battery is dead. I've only been able to remove the tablet once, but the battery will not charge so I can no longer remove it. When the computer was unplugged and I tried to restart it I got a...
  14. mikecox

    My SB shuts down unexpectedly

    My SB has begun to shut down, for no apparent reason, it just goes black! I checked the Reliability Hx and all it says is that "Windows was not properly shut down". There is another error that is always present, the "Windows Camer Frame Server" but I don't think it's related because sometimes...
  15. mikecox

    Is SB unique with respect to the OS

    I was on the phone with MS because my Adobe Premiere Elements program was misbehaving, even after several "Geek squad tuneups" and several reinstalls. My Explorer 2 program was crashing all the time and the developer couldn't figure out why. MS suggested that I reinstall my OS, they left me...
  16. mikecox

    Unable to remove "tablet"..."low batt

    I can't remove the "tablet" on my SB because of "Tablet Battery is low" and it's "not charging"! I leave my SB plugged in all the time and I've only had the tablet off once, months ago. Am I SOL or is there anything I can do, short of turning my SB in and paying the $599. replacement fee?
  17. mikecox

    Surface System Aggregator

    I've recently reinstalled Windows on my SB, now every time I start my SB I get a message the "restart in required to finish process". What is "Surface Systems Aggregator." and why does this prompt appear every time I reboot?
  18. mikecox

    Adobe Premiere Elements users; help

    I recently reinstalled windows on my SB, with the help of MS with frustrating results, programs were doing strange things. For example, RoboForm was entering passwords without prompting me for my master password and RF was unable to fix it. So I contacted MS again and they transferred me to a...
  19. mikecox

    mirror image incompatibility re BIOS

    I've been experiencing weird problems with my Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Elements programs as well as my explorer2 program, which crashes all too frequently. I've posted some of these issues here and on other user forums and none of the issues I'm having have been experienced, or...
  20. mikecox

    Mirror image

    I subscribe to Carbonite. Their Tech support department told me their Mirror image backup was incompatible with SB because it did not allow their Mirror Image to access the SB Bios. This was rather alarming because I've been using their Mirror Image backup for several years, which I...

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