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    Any way to customise trackpad gestures?

    Is there any way to customise the trackpad gestures on the surface book? For example, a 3 finger tap opens Cortana (or action center if you wish), but can I change it to act as a middle click? Can I use a two finger swipe back to go back a page in Edge? Or a three finger drag to move windows...
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    Why is the SB's display so red?

    The display on my SB (opened new from the box 10 minutes ago) has a really warm display (i.e. the whites on the screen do not look white, but look ever so slightly red). I have tried the colour calibration tool in windows and some other 3rd party calibration tools but that does not really fix...
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    One note button on surface 3 pen not working after refresh

    Hi! I recently refreshed my surface to solve a pesky wifi problem, but for some reason the purple onenote button on the end of the surface is not working anymore. Is there anyway to fix this? Thank you in advance for your help!
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    Surface does not connect to local wifi upon startup

    Whenever I start up my surface pro 3 (and wake it from sleep) it consistently fails to properly access the internet, forcing me to disconnect and reconnect to my local wifi network in order to get it to work again. Is there a way I can fix/avoid this problem? And if there is no way to fix...
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    How to use Surface Pro 3 pen as a (finger-like) stylus

    Is it possible to use the SP3 pen as a stylus, so I can scroll with it and essentially use it like a very precise finger (all while retaining its current functionality)?
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    Solved Surface stutters (experiences dropped frame rates) during simple tasks like scrolling.

    When doing simple tasks on my surface pro 3 (like opening the start menu, and scrolling in apps like the windows store), the surface experiences a few dropped frame rates almost rhythmically every few seconds. Is there any way I can improve the performance of the device to handle such simple...
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    Solved How do you use the power button to allow the surface to enter InstantGo (connected standby)

    InstantGo (also known as connected standby) is the special standby mode that the surface pro 3 enters that allows it to go into a very light sleep and resume almost instantaneously (like an iPad or other arm tablet). However I am wondering if this state can be activated by pressing the power...

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