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  1. kundas1

    msn website keeps crashing IE11

    so obviously the Surface RT has the home page set to MSN... the problem is MSN site keeps crashing IE11 and only that site, all others are working as it should... and it only does it on my RT, on my SP 3 and S3 it is fine... WTH is going on with IE11 on RT? how can I fix this?
  2. kundas1

    share a new wallpaper

    hey folks, thought I would share a wallpaper that I made, hope someone will enjoy it :)
  3. kundas1

    new Lumia 950XL user- ask me anything!

    so I just bought and received my 950XL 48 hours ago and I figured I would leave my impressions in case anyone is interested... I will be referencing and comparing it to my L1520 a lot ;) 1) hardware is very cheap compared to my L1520 and although I don't have that creaking back cover problem...
  4. kundas1


    I think that I am HEAVILY invested (in the thousands!) in Microsoft products and own several different products and I thought it would be a good discussion about this! I own too many MS products and here is my list of devices and products that I own... list what you have! the only thing I don't...
  5. kundas1

    Solved audio jack in win 10

    ok I upgraded to win 10 to give it a second chance, and since then I keep getting a notification pop up that I plugged in an audio jack and then another notification to say I unplugged it and it keeps repeating over and over and over and over... this is REALLY annoying! how can I stop this? and...
  6. kundas1

    NIB Surface 3 type cover RED

    this is just a feeler... selling a brand new never used Surface 3 type cover in red for $80usd funds and buyer pays shipping... just to let you know I reside in Canada so buyer beware ;)
  7. kundas1

    SP3 and metro apps problem

    I don't know whats going on but ever since I updated to win 10 and then rolled back to win 8.1 all my metro apps open and close right away! win 10 has really been a PITA!! does anyone have a suggestion or solution to my problem?
  8. kundas1

    WTH is my win 10 upgrade?

    so win 10 has been out how long now? and my SP3 still hasn't gotten the update notification! my win 7 desktop got it yesterday which I'm NOT going to update (like win 7 too much) and I have been waiting patiently for my notification to let me know... and nothing! what is up with that? how many...
  9. kundas1

    thinking of picking up a MS band

    so like the title states, I wanna buy a band and integrate it with my L1520 and also start to track my fitness as I will be joining a gym in the next few days, so tell me what I should expect and what I can do with this watch? please inform me of all the COOL stuff I can do with this watch from...
  10. kundas1

    So who here is satisfied with Denim updat on thier Lumia 1520...

    .... and what is the best feature so far that you like about Denim? I really dig the "Hey Cortana" and just recently bought an international L1520 which didn't get the Denim update till very late and missed it, also the 4k recording is spectacular and very crisp and vibrant which I wasn't...
  11. kundas1

    haha this is so true

    thought this was funny and so true
  12. kundas1

    another Sp3 wallpaper for ya folks

    was bored so I made a new wall for my SP3 hope someone enjoys
  13. kundas1

    this is why I luv my Lumia 1520

    wow I never ever got these speeds with any of my cell phones, I had the galaxy note 2 then Note 3 then the Lumia 520 then the Lumia 920 and never got past 24KBPS but with the L1520 I get upto 72mbps
  14. kundas1

    Just got me a Lumia 1520

    LOL so I bought another phone which is the 1520 (got an amazing deal for where I live) and this baby is a BEAST! but I luv the size and screen of this bad boy and will be selling my 920 now... so what recommendations do you 1520 owners have for me? JEFF? hellooo I'm talking to you! :p LOL
  15. kundas1

    those of you who had the SP3 for over 6 months

    now that the screen size has grown on you and you have gotten used to it, do you find the screen small now? like just the other day I was sitting in front of my computer and looked over at my SP3 and felt like my screen has shrunk! LOL anyone else think/feel like this?
  16. kundas1

    just got me this beast- Dell XPS 730X

    so I just bought a couple of days ago this new beast a Dell XPS 730X for almost nothing! slapped in 3 sticks of 8 GB crucial ballistic DDR3 ram totaling 24GB and 2 NVIDIA GTX 560 TI in SLI and also slapped in a Kingston 240GB SSD drive followed by a 2TB WD drive... I tell ya this might be a few...
  17. kundas1

    am I missing something?

    I don't get it, why is this worth such an outlandish price? what am I missing? is it a magical tablet...
  18. kundas1

    just got a Lumia 920

    so as the title states I just got a new Lumia 920 and just finished setting my tiles up and stuff and am now wondering what can I do to further set up my new phone to use in conjunction with my SP3... as in integration and cross data information to keep everything synced... is there any apps...
  19. kundas1

    games install where?

    quick question regarding games installation location.. I have nesbox installed on my RT and have a bunch of games on there for it and can no longer download the games for nesbox anymore so I wanna retrieve the games I already got and place them in the SP3... so where is that game installed too...
  20. kundas1

    new SP3 wallpaper

    made a new wallpaper hope someone enjoys...

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