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    My Pro was stuck in sleep

    I've read about a "sleep of death" and thought I read it was fixed. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone on this forum? Thursday night I upgraded to 8.1, put the pro on the charger, turned it off and went to bed. Friday after work I turned it on to check the new features, changed my...
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    Can anyone help with these issues

    I have Adobe Pro but it won't run my multimedia PDF's - it wants the latest version of flash but there's no flash download for Windows 8 I have a pair of Bassbuds earphones but can't get sound out of them, a cheaper, generic pair works fine. Does anyone use Artrage 3.5? If so, does it work...
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    Is it Powerful enough to do this.........?

    Hello all, My name is Cheyenne and I'm a student and substitute teacher hoping to get a contract. I'm a tablet lover, currently using Android (Nexus 7 and ASUS Transformer) and a Chromebook as my main devices; but I occasionally need Windows (and will more often as I work on my Master's). When...

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