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    SP4 Deals Thread

    Post here if you received a discount of some sort, or promotion, or cash back, that made your SP4 a good deal! Hopefully can help others. I noticed Best Buy had a trade in any laptop for a Surface Pro or Surface Book and get at least $100. I traded in a very old laptop to get the $100...
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    Holiday Return Periods!

    I was just having some thoughts about upgrading my i5 256GB to i7, checked Best Buy web site for return policy and for purchases made from 11/1/15 until 12/31/15 you have until 1/15/16 to return/exchange! I checked my receipt and I bought on 11/1/15. Good thing too because I was going to go on...
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    Surface Bundle

    Did anyone get the bundle with Complete? I bought my Surface at Best Buy, but then went to MS Store to ask about and purchase complete for $149. They said for $350 I could get the Type Cover, Complete, a sleeve, a year of Office 365, and in the box with the year of office also got 1 year of...
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    Upgrade Questions & Guidance

    I currently have a SP3, i7 256GB, 8GB Ram. I am in the beginnings of an MBA program and was thinking of upgrading. I make a 6 figure salary and company pays tuition, so not a huge deal after selling SP3. Just pointing out that while money is of course important, I'm not pinching pennies. At...
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    Who Loves their SP3 - Positivity Thread

    Reading the topics list is a sea of negativity! Which makes sense, because in a way that's what online forums are for, those who have complaints many times go online to post about it, and those who are happy users just, well, use their device. Who else, besides myself, are completely happy...
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    Post your Setup

    Sorry if I missed it, but I didn't see a Post your setup thread. For those of us using this at the desk, maybe with multiple monitors, docking station, etc. Myself, I have the i7 256GB SP3, have purchased the blue type cover, the Logitech K810 BT keyboard, the Arc Surface Edition BT mouse, the...
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    Why SO Little Coverage/Reviews/Impressions?

    The i7 has been out for 2 weeks now. I expected review sites, Anandtech, and knowledgable owners to have done some comparisons between i3/i5/i7, detailed benchmarks, battery tests etc. but still hardly anything. Similarly, I have been looking for detailed accounts, impressions of the dock from...
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    Potential Good Deal on i7 SP3

    I currently have the i5 256GB version, but yesterday had the itch to upgrade to the i7. Staples had a 15% off Technology coupon, so I went in, pre-ordered the i7 256GB from the kiosk, chose pay at register, and used the coupon. It came out to a total of $1,316.65! No sales tax added! On top...

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