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    Type Cover firmware failure, any news?

    Your words: "after several months of personally troubleshooting the issue and not giving up " say it all. An issue which needs several months (several months i have been losing my time, tried everything) of troubleshooting is a serious bug nobody should be experiencing after paying the good...
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    Type Cover firmware failure, any news?

    Thanks for your offering. I have been working with computers and MS products for more than 30 years. I believe I know what I am talking about. Me and a few people abandoned to their fate with non working MS computers.
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    Type Cover firmware failure, any news?

    Thanks for answering. Unfortunately, I don't think MOST people resolved this issue, as you say. Read for example the 56 pages long thread, spanning two years of frustration, at...
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    Battery drain overnight while shutdown

    This is a known issue since the times of Surface Pro 4 at least. Mine (SP4 i5) never lasted a whole day turned off without losing almost all the charge. Doing nothing. Not even when it was new, and I learned that this was the case with many people. Premium? Not for power management.
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    Type Cover firmware failure, any news?

    The type cover firmware death is a long time known issue, affecting thousands of Surface users. Seems that MS does not care at all about it. I have a SP3 and a SP4, a type3 cover and a type4 one, there is no way to make them work in any combination. Tried everything and nothing helps. So it...

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