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  1. polbit

    Battery Life difference between i5 and i7

    I have a chance to get a cheap i7, and wouldn't mind the Iris graphics, but I'm concerned about the battery life. From what I've seen from some comparisons, the battery life is about 1 - 1.5 hours shorter on the i7 than the i5. Is that the general consensus here as well?
  2. polbit

    Going from SP2 to SP3?

    I have a 128Gb SP2 that I use as a tablet mostly, with Metro IE, Next Issue, Kindle and light Office stuff. A lot of times I use it in bed next to my wife, and it is quiet - the fans never come on, unless I fire up Civ V. I want to upgrade to the SP3, but I've read so many negative reviews as...
  3. polbit

    Random Shutdowns / Touch Cover 2 disconnects

    Now that I've had my SP2 for a while, I've started noticing few trends: 1. At least once/twice a day, when I wake the tablet up from sleep, it will crash and reboot. 2. I loose the connection to the keyboard daily as well. Quick unsnap/snap gets it back. Here are the most common errors in...
  4. polbit

    Creating System Image issue

    I'm trying to create a system image on an external 500Gb USB HD. I've used the same drive successfully on a Dell XPS12 so I know it works. Unfortunately on the SP2 it starting doing the image, then stops about 2-3 minutes in saying that the disk is inaccessible. I can access the disk and copy...
  5. polbit

    New Member

    Hello everyone, I just got a 64Gb Surface RT today, after few years of owning iPads and few Android tablets. I just wanted to try something new, and having a full office and a decent keyboard appealed to me. In just 3 hours of playing with it, I think this is the most...

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