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  1. sharpuser

    Windows 11 Working Perfectly - Insider Preview

    Installed Windows 11 initial Insider Preview. No problems or complications. Windows seems to run faster (starting, stopping apps, accessing Settings, Taskbar, etc.). I've installed every Windows 10 Preview for 6 years on Surface devices. I am very used to the speed of my Surface Book 2...
  2. sharpuser

    Possible Surface Problems After Firmware 390.3192.768.0 April 16, 2020

    UPDATE: Due to the lack of complaints regarding this firmware update worldwide, I am assuming the issue was mine only. The firmware is assumed to be okay. - - - - It could be that Surface Firmware 390.3192.768.0 from April 16, 2020 causes extremely poor performance after installing. This...
  3. sharpuser

    HowTo Save those beautiful automatic LockScreen Highlight images - Free

    I use Windows Hello. Very convenient. But sometimes, as my face is being recognized or I am about to enter my PIN, I see that my lock screen is using a beautiful or interesting image chosen by Microsoft. These images are different than the default Bing image of the day. The image shows in...
  4. sharpuser

    HowTo Create Edge Browser or desktop shortcut to Windows Update

    A tip: You can make an Edge Favorite Shortcut to quickly go to Windows Update. Here is the link: ms-settings:windowsupdate This can also become a shortcut on your desktop. Paste the link as the "location" of the shortcut, then give it any name you desire. Other shortcuts:
  5. sharpuser

    Sync iCloud contacts calendars reminders with Outlook

    When updating Windows 10, iCloud contacts may no longer be recognized within Outlook 2016 or Outlook 365. This is because the Outlook/iCloud interface is done by a data file, which may not actually 'sync', but instead, import on demand, depending upon your installation. If "iCloud Services"...
  6. sharpuser

    HowTo iCloud for Windows 10 - Media Features

    iCloud for Windows is a handy application, especially for iPhone users whom use PCs. The iCloud Drive, photos, media, and email including address book entries sync with Windows 10. However, Windows 10 versions N and KN do not include "Media Features", which can be added via download from...
  7. sharpuser

    256 GB EVO microSDXC Card - Excellent Performance

    I am using the SAMSUNG 256 GB cards in both Surface Book computers with excellent results. I have become accustomed to knowing when my Surface Book 1TB with Performance Base and Surface Book 512GB are writing backup files, by watching the process in Task Manager after doing large graphics...
  8. sharpuser

    Microsoft Office and Office 365 vs Malwarebytes

    I have noted a conflict between Malwarebytes and MS Office 365. Though both Microsoft and Malwarebytes continue to apply fixes, these fixes may be overwritten, depending upon how often one updates the software. Users may notice Powerpoint crashing while starting up, even with Safe Mode. The...
  9. sharpuser

    Surface Keyboard - High Quality

    I am in Shenzhen China for a time, and got my hands on the new Surface Keyboard at an electronics center for a test. Lightweight but stable, beautiful feel, high quality design, just right key sound and touch. Uses AAA batteries. Bluetooth. US$99
  10. sharpuser

    Mix and Match Surface Pens

    A problem with the Surface Pen is that it may not be distinctive enough to keep it from getting lost amongst ball point pens or pencils elsewhere in your home or office. Some people own a second pen, for use as a replacement in case the other pen is lost. I happen to own two pens, because I...
  11. sharpuser

    HowTo Add a shortcut to open Windows Update

    Are you compulsive about checking for Windows Updates? You can add a shortcut to Windows Update on your desktopby using this as the location: ms-settings:windowsupdate Add a shortcut to access Windows Update: 1. Right-click on your desktop, or in a folder, choose New, Shortcut 2. Paste in...
  12. sharpuser

    Performance Base can be used with any SB Clipboard (screen)

    While responding to this thread (Query on Surface Book Power Base), I discovered something. I own two Surface Book devices: A Surface Book with Performance Base 1TB, and the original Surface Book 512GB. Either of the clipboards can be detached from the keyboard base and interchanged with the...
  13. sharpuser

    Go on Safari - Browser

    I use the Edge Browser, Internet Explorer, and sometimes Chrome. They all work just fine, though Chrome continues to shorten battery life. But I am now occasionally using Apple's Safari Browser on my Surface Book and Surface Pro 3. I like oranges and apples, \ so I decided to give Safari a...
  14. sharpuser

    Surface Book with Performance Base

    I've been using the Surface Book with Performance Base for 4 days. Battery life and speed noticeably improved. Details soon.
  15. sharpuser

    Intel Chipset Updates 14 April 2016

    Just installed these updates: INTEL driver update for Intel(R) Series Chipset Family SMBUS - 9D23 INTEL driver update for Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1200/1500 v5/6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) Gaussian Mixture Model - 1911 INTEL driver update for Intel(R) 100 Series Chipset Family PMC - 9D21 Running...
  16. sharpuser

    VPN Users - Refresh Miniport Adapters to Speed Up Internet with or without VPN

    Third Party VPN Users, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Client VPN users: You may be experiencing slow Internet with or without VPN. The AnyConnect Secure Client adds virtual hardware to your PC as WAN Miniport Adapters, in order to route data through the various Internet protocol structures. However...
  17. sharpuser

    Cortana Listens To Music, Shows Album Art

    I've been testing Cortana in Windows 10 (Build 14257) Cortana listens to music. A music icon appears at the top of Cortana's window. Click it, and Cortana listens to ambient music, including music playing from your own computer, such as from an online video, movie, audio player, live TV...
  18. sharpuser

    HowTo Choose whether to display user email and name on Windows 10 Login

    If you travel with your Windows 10 Surface or PC, you may not want your email account to be publicly shown on the Login screen, especially if Windows Hello keeps it displayed for an elongated period, while waiting for your response. For more privacy, you can stop Windows from displaying your...
  19. sharpuser

    Edge Browser now allows Pin This Page to Start

    Edge 28.14257.1000.0 allows pages to be pinned to Start. What a long, strange trip it's been.
  20. sharpuser

    iPhone Users - Cortana for you, too

    Windows 10 users whom also use an iPhone may be interested in this: Cortana on the iPhone

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