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    GPS working or not?

    Open Chrome Tap on Settings (the 3 vertical dots on the top right) Tap on Site Settings Make sure that settings for Location is set to “Ask First” Tap on Location Tap on All Sites Scroll down to ServeManager Tap on Clear and Reset Regards, Peter
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    remotefx usb on remote desktop not working

    Open MSTSC -> Local resources, re-select redirected local resources, such as Ports, Other supported Plug, and Play devices. 2. Log off the current remote desktop session, unplug and re-plug the mouse. Re-establish remote desktop connection and check the result. Greetings, Peter
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    WiFi connection problems

    Internet & network Unplug the router and modem's power cords from the power outlet for 15 seconds. Plug the power cords back in. Check that all cords and cables are secure at both ends. Wait a few minutes, until the lights on the modem and router are working right. (See the device manual or...
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    Wifi Problem not caused by adapter

    Update the network drivers (Internet needed) Use the Network troubleshooter. Reset network adapters. Perform a registry tweak with Command Prompt. Change the adapter settings. Reinstall the network adapter. Reset your router. Update the router firmware. This May Help, Peter
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    Surface Pro 7 can't connect to Wifi

    Restart your network hardware and reconnect to Wi-Fi Try restarting your modem, router, and Surface. Here's how: Remove the power cord from your modem and wireless router. After all lights on the devices go out, wait at least 30 seconds and plug the modem in again. Hope This Works, Peter
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    Does Wifi issue also applies to older wifis?

    Outdated routers and interference may be causing issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity and slowing down your internet speeds. A slow Internet connection can be very frustrating. Regards, Peter

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