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    ie 11 crashing constantly

    Anyone having ie 11 crashing? mine always seems to crash and recover. its very annoying! none of my other windows computers have this problem. It seems to happen more on facebook.
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    After all of the updates,,,, My SB turned on in my bag!!!

    Well my SB turned on in my bag!!! I picked up my slipcase and it was warm. I knew right away the stupid SB was running in the case. I really thought we were past all of this now. Every other computer in the world can turn off and stay off with the lid closed. geez
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    New one...

    Just now my hello camera did not turn on, but 2 seconds later it did.
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    I noticed when my Hello camera does not turn on the infrared light is about half brightness.

    My Hello camera is not responding about 1 out of 30 times. I did notice that when this happens the infrared light is about half of normal brightness.
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    Surface Book, video recorded my Son's Basketball game. It was awesome.

    Well I never thought I would use the SB as a camcorder. I put it on my lap, turned on video stabilization and it worked great while using my Nikon DSLR for still pics.
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    Surface Book freezing ?

    This has happened once before yesterdays update and again this morning. Today I was on facebook watching a video then the video freezes but the sound keeps going. Everything is frozen but the mouse. Pressing the power button, waiting till the screen shuts off then press power again fixes it...
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    New Hardware Update: Is This The ONE?

    Just discovered - installing it now - we will see.
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    SB Smooth I mean jumpy scrolling office 2016

    I picked it up really cheap. Its thin and light and will only use 1% battery if I leave it laying there for week. great backup machine. Good luck guys.
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    SB Smooth I mean jumpy scrolling office 2016

    well delete all my posts if you want. Sorry if I bothered anyone. The sp4 were returned for poor battery life. My yoga s windows just fine. You should say Surface products are not for everyone. My Wifes asus and both my kids Lenovos run windows just fine also.
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    SB Smooth I mean jumpy scrolling office 2016

    SB is going back... I just installed office 2016 on my Yoga 3 pro and outlook an excel scroll like butter. I spend a good amount of time in these 2 programs for them to function poorly.
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    Apples to Oranges

    New technology can be quite maddening. I have owned sp4 m3,sp4 i5, and Surface Book. They were all returned do to too many issues. I need my machines to be able to do real work and help me earn a paycheck. They need to turn and off, hold a charge, and not quit on you during an important...
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    Will a click on the pen wake the sp4 out of hibernation into one note?

    OK just wondering since sleep is out of whack right now.
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    Will a click on the pen wake the sp4 out of hibernation into one note?

    Will a click on the pen wake the sp4 out of hibernation into one note?
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    Horrendous Keyboard Backlighting

    Turn the lights off in these situations and you can see the keys
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    Sp4 - can it get 5 to 6 hrs battery?

    just looking for an honest answer. Can the sp4 get 5 to 6 hours of battery life with screen 50 to 75 percent brightness with web surfing and one note usage?
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    SP4i7 or cheap laptop & iPad air 3* ?

    I am currently unsurfaced. I returned 3 different sp4's and 1 SB. All of these had various different problems. I might try another sp4 but currently using an iPad pro with the pencil for 85% of what I need to do and a yoga 3 pro for the other real computer tasks. The iPad pro is a great for...
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    SB - Hard to take quick handwritten notes in one note with clipboard attached.

    I believe an extension cable between the keyboard base and clipboard could be useful for road warriors. You could leave the base in a case with the cable coming out for longer handheld power.
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    SB slow wifi

    I tested the SB wifi speed over and over against different devices and locations, one at a time, and both devices at once. Always SB was slower. I would watch videos and it would freeze catch up and play again. The cheap open box yoga 3 pro would always play all videos? I picked up an iPad pro...

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