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  1. BillJ


    HP Office Jet 8035 connected without a hitch to my Pro X. There is even an "HP Smart" printing/scanning utility for ARM. No issues.
  2. BillJ

    Pro X power management

    Thanks, this helped. I found the link to the ARM64 Teams client in an article on Windows Central. I think I got the x86 version from the link at the MS store. That seems a bit weird.
  3. BillJ

    Pro X power management

    Thanks, I'll see if I can dial back some of my background applications. I am glad that I got 16GB of RAM, since the Task Manager sometimes show memory running at 70% capacity. All in all, however, this is the perfect device for me- it is light, very mobile, with an excellent keyboard. I do a...
  4. BillJ

    Pro X power management

    I just got a Pro X last week, and I am extremely pleased with it overall. My only concern is that I am not getting anywhere near 11-13 hours of battery. I use the Pro X extensively for teleconferencing, and with the camera on continuously the Pro X will run out of steam in about 5 hours. I am...
  5. BillJ

    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    Not to mention that Intel is working on a "hybrid" chip that could provide typical x86/64 bit functionality with a mobile processors's LTE functionality. We may not see this for another year or so, howver...
  6. BillJ

    Surface Pro X limited software functionality due to the cpu make it not worth the hype

    I have a Pro X on pre-order as well. I use web-based programs for work, and I am constantly moving about, closing my device and then starting back up in a new location. Instant-on, always-on is huge for me. The size and design of the Pro X are perfect for me. My only misgiving is that the key...
  7. BillJ

    Surface Pro 7 vs Surface pro X

    Whether a computer has a fan depends on the heat generated by the chip; the Surface Pro's with i5 chips are fanless, as is the Pro X. All Surfaces have SSD's, as opposed to mechanical hard drives. The SQ1 chip in the Pro X is supposed to provide similar computing power to an 8th generation i5...
  8. BillJ

    Is there an app for that (song sheets)

    My wife (teaches vocal music) scans sheet music into PDF, and then displays them with Drawboard; the pdf reader allows for annotations which can be saved and edited. She doesn't have an automatic page turner, however. She uses a Surface Pro 3, which is big enough for reading the music.
  9. BillJ

    Surface Book 2 - will you buy/upgrade?

    I am writing this comment on my Spectre X360 15 that I purchased earlier this year. It is a gorgeous machine, and the best laptop I have ever owned. I do love the 4K display, and I use the Pen input every single day for a variety of note taking, diagramming, and photo editing. The touch pad of...
  10. BillJ

    Solved Inking in PowerPoint

    Hmmm, I am not seeing this on the present consumer versions of Win10 and Office 365 home. Inking works as expected whether I signify "presenter view" or not...
  11. BillJ

    Cortana Can Push Android Notifications on Windows 10 Insider Program

    I have this feature set up, it works very nicely. I can read texts to my phone on my Surface. I can also send texts via Cortana with voice commands from my computer; don't even have to touch my phone.
  12. BillJ

    Adblock and Adblock Plus for Edge Available for Insiders

    Love this feature! Thanks, MS! I deal with some websites that will not function when generic host file edits are in place, but this ad block does not disable any of my websites. I can now peruse Surface Forums on Edge! Thanks again.
  13. BillJ


    1) Surface RT 2) Surface Pro 3) Surface Pro 2 4) Surface Pro 3 5) Lumia Icon 6) MS Arc mouse 7) MS wireless display adapter 8) MS Bluetooth keyboard 1-3 are sold; I still use everything else. Also use an HP Specter X360 and an LG V10. I have come to believe that I am powerless over gadgets, but...
  14. BillJ

    From Apple to Surface Pro need your help

    I use the Surface Pro 3 for Photoshop, and it works very well for me. The keyboard and trackpad are different from the MacBook, but just as responsive there is no lag. The overall utility of the trackpad is no less than the Mac. Some SP4 owners are having problems with device drivers and other...
  15. BillJ

    Solved Did something dumb the other day

    Wow, very sorry to hear of this. It reminds me how vulnerable I could be if anyone were to gain access to all the information stored on my device. On the other hand, as complex and tragic as this world has become, there are still many decent people who will do the right thing and try to get your...
  16. BillJ

    Solved Microsoft yanks latest Windows 10 release - November update (version 1511)

    The most unfortunate aspect of corporate decisions such as this is the lack of transparency to those of us who enjoy using the products and have exhibited brand loyalty. I would understand if MS said "OK, we will need to suspend downloads in this fashion due to problem "X" for a certain time; we...
  17. BillJ

    Graduate Student/Teacher Looking at SP4

    Hello and welcome to the forum! I have a SP3 that I use to give lectures, and I make use of PowerPoint and OneNote particularly. Being able to annotate images that are displayed on a large screen is very handy indeed. A Surface Pro 4 would be able to do anything that a similarly outfitted laptop...
  18. BillJ

    TH2 Has Landed - aka Windows 10 November Update - it's being pushed out

    I have 3 machines at home: the old HP envy laptop was the first to get the update, went without a hiccup. My SP3 got the update next, needed to restart a couple times before the process completed; overall went well. My Spectre x360 is still waiting to hear from the great ether... I guess it may...
  19. BillJ

    I was loving the Surface Book, but...

    Just curious, have you tried making a presentation with Sway? That might work more reliably for the time being...
  20. BillJ

    Solved Fatal Infection in Edge

    Next step to consider is a full system refresh; that will re-install Win 10 and Edge from the recovery partition.

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