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  1. polbit

    Why Here's how I left Microsoft, went Apple, and became a hypocrite because I switched back.

    Ok, I'll age myself a bit! I grew up on Commodore 64, then later Atari ST. My first PC was an ITT Xtra 8088 4.77MHz "powerhouse". I remember trying to get a '286 accelerator working on it (Orchid I think?) and going back and forth to Elek Tek before finally giving up as it just wasn't compatible...
  2. polbit

    Why Here's how I left Microsoft, went Apple, and became a hypocrite because I switched back.

    I think you hit the nail on the head! With Steve Jobs, it was about trying to be the best, in his mind. Sometimes arrogant, sometimes wrong, but you always looked for Apple to see what's next. Now you have a supply chain accountant and industrial designer running the company, maximizing profits...
  3. polbit

    battery indicator stalled while charging

    Mine's doing the same thing suddenly. Doesn't really effect anything, just have to unplug/plug it back in, but annoying. I would certainly not return the unit just for that, if everything else is working...
  4. polbit

    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    The few articles ive seen have mentioned a bigger, 4k screen. Obviously nothing concrete.
  5. polbit

    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    Despite the fear of jinxing it, I must say, my brand new SP4 i5/8/256 has been flawless so far. Once all the updates happened (and it was a bit painful, with a lot of them failing - I ended up downloading the Surface driver msi package and running it manually), everything works as it should. The...
  6. polbit

    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    I get your point on having extras included that you don't want, but a simple touch cover as part of the bundle wouldn't cost much. My only worry would be that the typing experience could turn people off and generate negative reviews, even if it was just meant as a screen cover with the keyboard...
  7. polbit

    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    Interesting, web browsing and OneNote are few of the things that made me go back to the SP4.
  8. polbit

    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    OP,I was in the same boat. I tried using my SP for serious work (development and design), and it was just not working. My dream of one device to rule them all was just that - a dream. I ended up buying a top-spec Asus ROG 17" machine for serious work, and delegating casual duties to an iPad...
  9. polbit

    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    My two cents: 1. Significantly improved battery life. Oh what I wouldn't give for 10 hours of use, but even honest 20% would make a difference. 2. Bring back a Touch Cover and include it with the device. On my SP2, I used it more as a screen protector. It's great for those times when you are...
  10. polbit

    Battery Life difference between i5 and i7

    Never mind, decided the additional price and battery sacrifice too much, so back to i5/8/256. Hopefully I'll have one of those problem-free ones...
  11. polbit

    Battery Life difference between i5 and i7

    I have a chance to get a cheap i7, and wouldn't mind the Iris graphics, but I'm concerned about the battery life. From what I've seen from some comparisons, the battery life is about 1 - 1.5 hours shorter on the i7 than the i5. Is that the general consensus here as well?
  12. polbit

    Sleep/Hibernate (or lack of) SP4 i5/i7

    LOL, stupid auto correct!
  13. polbit

    Sleep/Hibernate (or lack of) SP4 i5/i7

    Ok, that makes sense :) Although with hibernate kicking in after 60 minutes, I don't see much difference with battery life, plus at least at home, the wife takes a while to reconnect, so leave that setting on.
  14. polbit

    Sleep/Hibernate (or lack of) SP4 i5/i7

    leeshor, one clarifying question - what do you mean by "go to sleep after 60 minutes"? Did you mean to say hibernate after 60 minutes? The only setting I can find for sleep under advanced settings is "hibernate after". That's actually how I have mine set, but that does mean that the SP4 is...
  15. polbit

    Wake from sleep

    Same here... My 2nd SP4 lost the touchscreen for good (tried cold boots, refresh, restore, no go), and now on my 3rd - the biggest difference so far is that 1/3 the time coming out of sleep/hibernate, the screen never turns on - have to cold boot it. I have such a love/hate relationship with...
  16. polbit

    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    How is Bluestacks as far as battery usage? I'm afraid to install anything that would impact the battery as a background process...
  17. polbit

    does the SP4 heat up?

    While my 1st SP4 was loud and hot a lot of time, my 2nd one is literally silent. I've heard the fan come on once, during the firmware update from 11/2, but even using Office and VS 2015 it has stayed quiet. Very impressed, especially compared to SP3.
  18. polbit

    is anyone else unaffected by battery drain problem & did you manually solve it?

    On my 2nd SP4 i5/8/256, and not having any issues with battery. Have Hello running, but it does switch to hibernate after 120 minutes.
  19. polbit

    New SP4 Firmware update 11/2 aslo for the Surface Book too.

    Guilty as charged, but I went back and picked up another SP4 at Best Buy to give it one more chance. Even before the update, the 2nd SP4 was MUCH better - silent, barely warm, and did not crash once... After the upgrade, I can also confirm Edge color changes are gone, and there has to be...
  20. polbit

    Official I received my Surface Pro 4

    Well, I received, and I returned my SP4. I have NEVER had more day-zero issues with any machine than this one. Probably the biggest disappointment of all my computer purchases, and that list includes Sinclair QL and original Mac with 128k memory. To go from that awesome presentation to an...

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