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    ie 11 crashing constantly

    Anyone having ie 11 crashing? mine always seems to crash and recover. its very annoying! none of my other windows computers have this problem. It seems to happen more on facebook.
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    After all of the updates,,,, My SB turned on in my bag!!!

    Well my SB turned on in my bag!!! I picked up my slipcase and it was warm. I knew right away the stupid SB was running in the case. I really thought we were past all of this now. Every other computer in the world can turn off and stay off with the lid closed. geez
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    New one...

    Just now my hello camera did not turn on, but 2 seconds later it did.
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    I noticed when my Hello camera does not turn on the infrared light is about half brightness.

    My Hello camera is not responding about 1 out of 30 times. I did notice that when this happens the infrared light is about half of normal brightness.
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    Surface Book, video recorded my Son's Basketball game. It was awesome.

    Well I never thought I would use the SB as a camcorder. I put it on my lap, turned on video stabilization and it worked great while using my Nikon DSLR for still pics.
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    Surface Book freezing ?

    This has happened once before yesterdays update and again this morning. Today I was on facebook watching a video then the video freezes but the sound keeps going. Everything is frozen but the mouse. Pressing the power button, waiting till the screen shuts off then press power again fixes it...
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    Apples to Oranges

    New technology can be quite maddening. I have owned sp4 m3,sp4 i5, and Surface Book. They were all returned do to too many issues. I need my machines to be able to do real work and help me earn a paycheck. They need to turn and off, hold a charge, and not quit on you during an important...
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    Will a click on the pen wake the sp4 out of hibernation into one note?

    Will a click on the pen wake the sp4 out of hibernation into one note?
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    Sp4 - can it get 5 to 6 hrs battery?

    just looking for an honest answer. Can the sp4 get 5 to 6 hours of battery life with screen 50 to 75 percent brightness with web surfing and one note usage?
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    Well I tried to hang in there with SB and SP4

    I returned my SB now today I will return SP4. I really like these devices but they are aggravating with crashing and battery issues. I tried SP3 last year and had hoped SP4 would be better this year. I will go to 2 devices Yoga 3 pro for only when I need to hook up and program equipment with...
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    SP4 i5 Much better battery without Hello and Cortana

    I seem to be getting better battery life with Hello and Cortana turned off. It may last me through the day now until MS comes up with a fix.
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    SB - Hard to take quick handwritten notes in one note with clipboard attached.

    I am trying to get a feel for the daily use of the SB. While researching things I find it hard to jot notes with the pen with the screen attached without looking like a first grader did it. This where the sp4 kickstand shines and offers stability over the SB's wobbly screen. I guess that's what...
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    SB slow wifi

    decided to test wifi speeds against my yoga 3 pro. SB and sp4 are always slower.
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    Just some venting here, maybe someone from Microsoft is listening?

    First of all I am a long time Apple user and I must say my MacBook pros, ipads, and iphones, generally just work like they are supposed to. Apple is not without their own quirks but they generally get fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Secondly, I do work on windows machines and support many...
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    Half price type cover !

    I went to Best Buy with the intention to purchase the bright blue type cover. I did a double take when I saw they had 2 regular blue type covers open box for $65.00. So I couldn't see spending $65 extra on the bright blue one. Watch for deals!
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    Best Buy $100.00 off SP4 and now SB - sign up for educational discount

    Sign up for Best Buy education discounts with any email address and get a coupon for $100 of surface pro 4 !!!! I got the I5 4 128 for 899.00.
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    So irritating! sp4 typecover never responds after wake

    The stupid type cover never responds after wake. I always have to pull it off and reattach for it to start working. Even a reboot wont fix it. Anyone else having this issue?
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    Bad m3? I loose 25% battery per hour

    I think I may have a bad m3? I loose about 25% battery per hr with light web surfing with edge and nothing else open and screen at 50%. That's terrible. BB is out of the m3 I may get an i5 and see how it goes.
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    New SB discovery - It will continue to play Spotify when the screen times out!

    I just tested Spotify with the SB and it will continue to play when the screen turns off. SP3/4 cant do this. What is the difference?

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