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  1. BillJ

    Pro X power management

    I just got a Pro X last week, and I am extremely pleased with it overall. My only concern is that I am not getting anywhere near 11-13 hours of battery. I use the Pro X extensively for teleconferencing, and with the camera on continuously the Pro X will run out of steam in about 5 hours. I am...
  2. BillJ

    Is it, or will it, be possible to save Desktops?

    I love using TaskView; it is a great way of getting to open programs in a hurry, especially with a touch screen, but also with a mouse. However, I find that my usual workflow utilizes pretty much the same programs in the same configuration day after day; each day I "rebuild" a series of...
  3. BillJ

    Well, now I am sold

    I had been using win10 preview on a laptop, and was intentionally NOT upgrading my SP3 due to my concerns about "tablet mode" functionality, compared with ver 8.1. But after accustoming myself to the new OS, I realized that everything I did in 8.1 could be replicated, with just a slightly...
  4. BillJ

    SP3 vs HP Spectre x360

    So, the Spectre looks to be a bit heavier and a little bigger than the Surface, but does indeed have a larger display. Reviewers like the keyboard, and are mixed on the trackpad (no surprise here). I do like the idea of having a quad HD display option, even though that will likely come with...
  5. BillJ

    Freedom Case for Surface RT/Pro/Pro2 $20

    I also have a Freedom Case, Black leather, unopened in original packaging. Will sell for $20, shipping extra depending on method and distance. Let me know if you are interested. Edit 10/16/2014: item no longer available
  6. BillJ

    Managing OneDrive on the Surface

    What is the best way to manage files and folders in OneDrive? Specifically, how do you upload multiple folders with subfolders? Does the feature "online/offline only" work for you consistently? It does get confusing with multiple areas to access settings for OneDrive, multiple versions to...
  7. BillJ

    My Favorite SP3 Feature I did not expect

    When the SP3 was announced, I immediately saw this as the device I was waiting for... perfect size, functionality, etc. During the initial demonstrations, I saw how the purple pen tip could call up OneNote and/or set up a screen clip. My initial impression to this? Ho-hum, that seems pretty...
  8. BillJ

    3 Days with the SP3

    Three days with the SP3 I will preface this post with saying that the SP3 is the device for which I have been waiting for several years; a light, compact tablet PC that has sufficient screen size to replace my laptop. I have been following the SP3 posts for the past several days, and I would...
  9. BillJ

    Times in Calendar are off by 1 hour after Update 1

    Since getting Update 1, the time shown on my start screen is 1 hour ahead of the actual time. I live in Philadelphia, and I went into Control panel and switched off "automatically adjust for Daylight Savings", and the correct time displays. However, the times for all of my appointments are...
  10. BillJ

    So, do you ever use the Windows button?

    There are now other Windows tablets that are designed with Windows buttons on the side of the device rather than on the bottom front bezel. This seems to upset some people, whereas others don't mind at all. I have to realize that the only time I use the front Windows button is to capture a...
  11. BillJ

    On screen touch pad

    Check out the link below to find an on-screen touch pad that works wonderfully in full screen mode on the desktop. Almost as good as having a separate mouse! TouchMousePointer - virtual touchpad (on-screen mouse)
  12. BillJ

    Black Friday

    A Black Friday ad from Best Buy is advertising a 32gb Surface for $199.
  13. BillJ

    Lessons learned from the Dell Venue Pro 8

    I picked up a Dell Venue Pro 8 to supplement access to my files and reference materials while at work. As portable as my Surface Pro2 is, it won't fit in my pocket (without alterations in my pants...) The VP8 is a grand nugget of technological prowess for sure: I have been able to configure...
  14. BillJ

    First Impressions of SP2

    I have just about finished setting up my 256/8 gb SP2 that I got a little over an hour ago. Initial impression: Overall faster than SP1; faster boot, faster browsing; I am getting the best WiFi performance I have ever gotten with a PC on this device. (Whether Bluetooth is on or off does not...
  15. BillJ

    Desktop not working after 8.1

    I installed 8.1 last night, seemed fine. This am, the entire Desktop is not responding; start button does not show up, no applications will load properly, and IE freezes on startup with an infinite number of open windows. Rebooting does not help Do I try a refresh? Help...
  16. BillJ

    What device would be an upgrade from SP?

    It is the nearing the end of the year, and I have a budget for an upgrade to my SP. I use my present device for presentations, research, photo editing and the usual web surfing and e-mails. I love the SP for its portability and responsiveness. The only reason for me to replace my SP would be...
  17. BillJ

    So, who types with the Surface on the lap?

    I am annoyed every time I read a reviewer state that "you can't type with the Surface on your lap". I am composing this post with my Pro on exactly that part of my anatomy. With the kickstand out and the type cover out, there is more than enough stability for me to type as fast as I can under...
  18. BillJ

    Mail App Problem

    I just upgraded from RT to Pro today- What a wonderful difference! I have a problem that hopefully has a quick fix: the Mail app does not connect to my gmail account... I have tried deleting and then reinstalling the mail app; it simply states my gmail account is "unavailable" and "unable to...
  19. BillJ

    IE 10 Compatibility View

    I just discovered a tweak that does not seem to have been addressed in a previous post here. I was having problems with IE 10 on RT not being backward compatible with some of the web sites that I use which have integrated graphics. The version of IE 10 on the desktop can be adjusted by hitting...

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