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    New firmware release! And updated Intel drivers

    Hello! I noticed today a yesterday dated firmware update that was available today in Windows Update. I just updated to the latest Fast ring build (Build: 14271) This is excellent news! This should fix crashing drivers issue, and perhaps other improvements
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    New Intel Drivers released

    Intel has just released new drivers for the Intel integrated graphics for Windows 10. You can get them here: Intel® Download Center Cool thing I noticed is that Windows Update will bring up the system firmware upgrade again after the Intel integrated graphics has been installed, but when...
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    New Intel Drivers release by Microsoft for Surface Pro 2

    New Intel drivers has been released for the Surface Pro 2 running Windows 10, make sure you have it installed via Windows update. If you do already have it, or just installed it, did you see any improvement on the device?
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    Surface Pro 2 Pen - Tear down

    Ever wonder what's inside the Surface Pro 2? Well, my pen broke, the eraser button, and got another one. So while this one will be recycled in any case, I decided to open it up and see what's inside. The pen top and bottom parts are glued together. I was able to open it by twisting it, and...
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    Windows 10 on Surface Pro 2

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone tried Windows 10 Technical Preview on their Surface Pro 2 yet? I am thinking on giving it a spin.
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    Surface Pro 3 may have thunderbolt!

    At the Surface AMA, the Surface Team reveals that the Surface Pro 3 may have indeed Thunderbolt. The question was asked: And the following was answered by the Surface Team: Source: sherryoak comments on We are Panos Panay and the Surface team at Microsoft. We proudly introduced Surface...
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    N-Trig WinTab Drivers Available

    N-Trig releases WinTab drivers. You can download them here: Downloads & Drivers - N-trig Select as OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit, then select: Microsoft under Manufacture, and then Surface Pro 3. Enjoy.
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    Screen Protector

    Hello everyone, I am seeking a new screen protector for my Surface Pro 2. The current one I have is the TechArmor High Definition Clear Screen Protector ( The problem I have with this one, beside being scratched, is...
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    You've got the pOO000WWWEEEER - PowerCover for Surface Pro 1 and 2 coming Mach 19

    The Verge reports that the Surface Pro 1 and 2, and as well the Surface 2 Power Cover, a keyboard with physical keys like the Type Cover 2, but with a battery inside will be available on March 19! The PowerCover is said to provide an addition 30Wh, which is 70% more battery life to the...
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    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    Now Surface Tweak Tool for ALL Surface Pro -- *NEW Version* Hello everyone, I am very excited to present to you a little software that I have develop for you guys: Surface Tweak Tool for the Surface Pro 2 (will work with Surface Pro 1 and 3 as well. However, unsupported options will be grayed...

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