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    Boots when open screen

    Sorry you post didn’t come through until now. Thank you for the reply but it did not work for me. That is fine though you answered the question I was looking for. Microsoft didn’t know the answer, but they did want me to run a lot of tests fix the problem.
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    Boots when open screen

    Anyone with a Surface Book 3, I would just like to know if this is normal or a defect. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Boots when open screen

    Hello, I purchased a new-to-me Surface Book 3; I have had it for less than a week and all seems to work fine. I would like to know if it is normal that it will boot up when you open the screen when it is in an off state.
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    Screen bulging/separating from frame a bit

    At the top where the red line is. The plastic that the camara is mounted in.
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    Screen bulging/separating from frame a bit

    Maybe the person you purchased the surface from opened the computer for repairs and don't install the black plastic at the top correctly. You may need to remove it to see if it is sitting correctly. Here is a link to ifixit: Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Teardown
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    USB hub for multiple devices - Surface Pro 3

    Any powered USB hub should work. I use one on my Surface Pro 3. Is your USB hub powered?
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    Copy data from Surface Pro 4's SSD disk

    It looks like you can. This is from ifixit: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 SSD Drive Replacement It is an M.2 SSD drive.
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    USB charge cable

    This is a USB-C cable.
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    Solved Pen for original Surface Pro Model 1514

    Good to hear it works for you.
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    Solved Pen for original Surface Pro Model 1514

    This is the pen you need: Microsoft Surface Pro/Pro 2 Pen Stylus 5PT-00001 *** Brand New *** (LO2674) 601490884271 | eBay It will only work on Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2. The pens for the newer Surface Pro will not work. The pen for older Samsung Tablets like the Note 10.1 2014 will...
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    Dropped SP2 and now it won't turn on

    I think Joel has a Surface Pro 2
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    Microsoft Surface keyboard... what one do I need?

    I does look like the original Surface Pro. You may not find an original keyboard for it. You may want to try a wireless keyboard like this:
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    SP3 Win 10 full clean install missing software?

    Are you in desktop mode? I us desktop mode all the time and when I first boot I need to unlock rotate for it to work. If you are in table mode then it should be unlock at the start. One more thing. I also installed Windows 10 clean form a USB, and when ran Windows update it installed all the...
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    Solved Screen brightness adjustment from keyboard?

    Try Fn+del or Fn+Backspace. This works on my Surface Pro3 with a Pro4 keyboard.
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    Solved Reinstall

    Glad to see it all worked out for you.
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    Solved Reinstall

    this is how I did it years back (haven't tried with windows 10 or 8 though). See if it helps. How to Remove Linux and Install Windows on Your Computer:
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    Solved Reinstall

    This is what I use. It is how you go form Win 10 back to 8.1, but the steps are the same. On step 11 if I remember right you us recover from a drive not reset. 1.First, download the Surface Pro 3 recovery media from Microsoft 2.Next, extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP file onto a USB...
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    Weird Disconnecting Issue.

    In Windows 8.1 it started out of the box. I thought the dock was bad so I exchanged it, the second one was the same way. With Windows 10 the dock was a lot better but lately it has started again. I don't know if it was the new firmware update.
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    Weird Disconnecting Issue.

    I had this bad with Windows 8.1 on the Surface Po 4 dock. I would have to reboot the dock or the Surface Pro 3 to get it to work. With Window 10 the Problem is there just not as bad. I only have this problem when connected to the Surface Po 4 dock, I don't have the problem on battery or...

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