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  1. Wayne Orwig

    Any Battery Limit Alternatative

    I actually scheduled a timer to run a batch file every 15 minutes. The batch file would turn a cheap WiFi outlet switch on or off based on whatever percentage I wanted. I do this on my Android phone, and it stays between 70 and 80% all night. I never could get it to work right on my Book2, or a...
  2. Wayne Orwig

    Help me distinguish Surface charger is real or fake?

    What in the world does this mean, 'with inductance'?
  3. Wayne Orwig

    Surface book tablet part connect Audio interface

    Too bad you can't do something with Bluetooth. If I understand your need, I don't think you can though.
  4. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    Well, so much for that. They other day, the display started to flicker. But only when on charge. It worked fine on battery. Then the next day, it started to flicker, when on battery or charge. The next day, dead. Nothing. :mad: So apparently, I weakened something going in there. Hard to...
  5. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    It is nice having the battery capacity back, maybe even better then ever. I used it, keyboard attached, for about 4 hours this morning. Just general web surfing and reading. After about 4 hours it still shows 49%. So close to 8 hours was likely. I don't ever recall it being that good. Plus I can...
  6. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    Ok. I just got back to this. Replacing the $30 battery was a major pain. As I mentioned, the display was damaged in the process, though the damage was not visible. So that was another $120. And I damaged the $10 cable testing the replacement display. The LiPo batteries are glued in place VERY...
  7. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    I got a replacement display, YEAH. I plugged it in, and it worked, YEAH. I unplugged it to continue with the battery replacement, YEAH. I damaged the cable, WHAT! Found a cable and it is on order. Too fragile for me I guess.
  8. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    Well, I got the replacement battery. I got a replacement SSD drive. I got a USB to NVME adapter, and cloned the 256GB drive, to the 512GB drive. I carefully, using a lot of heat, removed the display. Somewhere along the line I messed up the display (or a display cable). Now the display does not...
  9. Wayne Orwig

    What printer will work withe my Book 2?

    I like Epson. I used to prefer HP. I even used to have HP pen plotters, printers, and laptops. They were king, or so I thought. But every time I would go to print, there was something that was a hassle. Always. I just figured that was life and went on. But when I could no longer get overpriced...
  10. Wayne Orwig

    Book 1 battery and disk replacement

    I have an original Book. It sat unused for a number of months and now I have found a use for it. Oddly, while sitting powered off, the screen battery has gone bad. As in, it only lasts about 10 minutes by itself. The keyboard battery still appears to have about full capacity. So, I ordered a...
  11. Wayne Orwig

    Pen doesn't hold connection with Surface Pro 3

    Have you replaced ALL of the batteries? The original SP3 has two sets.
  12. Wayne Orwig

    charge surface book 2 with powerbank via USB-C

    Yes, it is a pretty large brick. But it keeps my phone charged, and the Surface going, for a camping weekend. I actually have not seen any issues with it not keeping up. But it does take a bit longer to charge at only 12 volts. I guess I am not a real 'power' user. Just some spreadsheets and...
  13. Wayne Orwig

    charge surface book 2 with powerbank via USB-C

    I have a 32000mAh pack with a 12 volt output. I have used it for a few years on my Surface Pro 3, and I also use it when traveling on my Book 2. Being 12 volt, it charges a little slowly, but that is fine with me.
  14. Wayne Orwig

    Why do batteries drain so fast on shutdown Surface Pros?

    Are you putting it to sleep when it is unused, or powering it off? I assume you are just putting it to sleep. My batteries last a LONG time if I do a full power off, but they only last a couple of days when asleep. That is by design because it maintains ram and more when asleep, so it comes out...
  15. Wayne Orwig

    The display battery is destroying my Surface book !!

    In the US, I believe that they will replace a swollen battery for 3 years. (I have not seen that in writing, so maybe not) My Book 1 is original and older, and the battery is swelling, and has a very short charge life. I just ordered a replacement battery and I am going to try to swap it, if the...
  16. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Book 2 ... Use Tablet only on Desk, use Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard, USB?

    Yes, there is a dock that uses the charge port. Not cheap though. But I think it would do what you want.
  17. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Book 2 ... Use Tablet only on Desk, use Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard, USB?

    Can't you get a Surface Dock, plug that into the tablet section to charge it and get you USB. Then use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard.
  18. Wayne Orwig

    Surface Book 1 disk upgrade and battery replacement

    I got a Book 1 when they were originally introduced. (and went through a couple of months of pain thinking it was a total disaster before they had the firmware bugs worked out) Early this year I got a 15 inch Book 2. I wanted the larger screen, and 512GB instead of the 256GB drive. The old Book...
  19. Wayne Orwig

    Battery charge limiter experiment

    Ok, below is the batch file. I 'stole' the bit that reads the battery level and don't really understand how it parses the battery level. Mainly, it only returns one battery number, so it will not work well on a Book with two batteries. But it should work to some extent. I have a task scheduled...
  20. Wayne Orwig

    Battery charge limiter experiment

    I know a lot of people go out of their way to not let device batteries get to 100%. Generally for me, I am plugged into the charger full time, so the device is always ready to go. I did have an OLD smartphone that I installed a security camera app on, and plugged it in for a few years, that the...

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