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    Something happened with my scaling/resolution, and its awesome!

    Was watching Netflix last night through my tablet on to a TV. When done, I just pulled the HDMI cable, and some how my Surface 2 now have a higher resolution/scaling. It looks awesome though!
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    Weird pricing digital content on Xbox Video & itunes Video stores

    Why are digital content so overpriced? At my local MediaMarkt store I can purchase The Hobbit on blue ray disc for $7,61. And on the Xbox Video store the same movie in SD is $21,57, and on iTunes its $26,23. How can a "real" physical copy of the same movie be that much cheaper? If digital...
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    GTA San Andreas for Windows 8.1/8.1RT RELEASED?

    Windows Apps Its at the top of the list of newly released apps! Might already be available for some countries. Edit: Seems like it was released, and then quickly removed.
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    Asphalt 8

    Its free in the store now, and has been for a few days.
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    NVIDIA and Tegra Zone.

    NVIDIA and Tegra Zone, Halflife 2 and Portal for Tegra 4 Why aren't NVIDIA supporting Windows RT devices with its Tegra 3 and 4 chips? The Surface 1 and 2 aren't even listed on their page, called Tegra Mobile Devices. Next-Gen Smartphones, Tablets, Devices | NVIDIA Tegra | NVIDIA They...
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    Nintendo/Sega Emulator!

    Finally a Nintendo and Sega emulator has arrived in windows store! Works like a charm. "The Nintendo Entertainment System emulator can play more than just NES games. It also supports Sega Genesis games and Super Nintendo games." Nesbox app for Windows in the Windows Store
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    Questionable quality control, and my third RMA process.

    Hello. I bought my first Surface RT back in February. After a while my Surface RT began to show signs of oxidation in the magnesium finish all over the tablet. I spoke to Microsoft and I was promised a new unit, the replacement unit would be sent to me as soon as the oxidation had been...
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    Error when trying to install Windows 8.1 "CompareExchange128"

    This is driving me nuts, every time I try to install the update I get this error. I ran CoreInfo to see if my CPU supports PAE, NX and SSE2, as these are the requirement for Windows 8.1, and everything is supported! How can I fix this? .
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    Microsoft warranty experience.

    Noticed a while back that I had some kind of oxidation on my Surface RTs left side. Well today I contacted Microsoft support, the first thing I was told was "I can help you with this", "We will replace your unit" He took my Name, Home address, Phone number. Told me I would receive a UPS parcel...
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    Surface 2 to support active digitiser?

    I have read this on many sites now, and in one of the Surface commercials, staged at a photo-shoot it looks like a guy is using a digitiser on a Surface 2. But cant find a source for this? The new screen is the same as the one in SP2, and tegra4 also support digitiser. What do you think?
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    Windows RT 8.1 RTM Leaked.

    Windows 8.1 RT RTM has leaked for the Surface RT. And users over at My digital life have tried and installed it on their Surface RT's. And are reporting better battery life and more.
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    New mail app color.

    Just saw that the color of the Mail app logo has been changed in the store, to a darker blue.
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    Firefox for Surface RT might be on the way!

    It seems that we soon might be able to enjoy Firefox on our RT devices! Mozilla schedules Metro Firefox for December release | ZDNet Edit: might have jumped the gun.. seems this is only for real Windows... a metro desktop app.
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    Reverting back to 8.0 RT from 8.1 RT?

    Anyone who have tried this? I've tried 8.1 for a while now, and would like to go back to 8.0 to experience the jailbreak/unlock. I Read that it's supposed to be possible to roll back if you made a recovery usb, which I did. But a lot of people seem to be having problems with their recovery...
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    How to fix the battery drain/connected standby issue in Windows 8.1

    Are you experiencing high battery drain in Windows 8.1 during connected standby? Then this fix is for you, I went from losing 10-30% in battery every night to losing 2-3%. Here's how you can do it, you will need to activate Bluetooth in Change PC Settings ->PC and Devices->Bluetooth, and stop...
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    Patch hardware sound.

    Seriously how did they manage to boost the sound so much? At 20% volume now after patch, is almost higher then 100% volume before the patch! Love the new boosted sound! :)
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    HOSTS for adblocking, and more!

    I have seen a lot of people discussing how they love customized hosts files, which they use to get better blocking of ads and unsecure connections. So today I tried using an Hosts file on the Surface RT, and it works exactly is it does on a PC, it even blocks ads in videos (YouTube anyone? :D)...
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    Some questions about settings on RT, and some tips.

    Hi. Earlier today I found some settings on my Surface RT I hadn't seen or noticed before.(at control panel->Hardware) First off is the positioning settings, it was on by default on my device. Anyone who has any idea what this does? There's no aGPS in RT or? I Also found the touch screen...
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    Selecting tool desktop?

    Anyone else here who noticed how the selecting tool at the desktop(click and drag) lags when you're using the touch screen. But not when using a type cover or mouse. Why is it such a big difference?
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    Graphic artifacts.

    I were just playing Zen Pinball(Microsoft), and I hade been playing for a while, and I got these graphic artifacts all over the screen. Anyone else here who has run in to this problem? I guess it just got to warn, I left the Surface alone for a few minutes and then the graphic artifacts were...