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    Windows 8.1 Mail App & Aliase

    Hi, i have a question about the Windows 8.1 Mail App. I have a couple of Aliase configured in my MS Account. The live tiles of the Mail App only shows me when i receive an email on my primary mail account, not on all my aliase. Is there a way to extend the live tiles experience to all mail...
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    Diablo 3

    Hi, i'm playing Diablo 3 on my SP2. It works great and i can play it without any issues with the stylus. A few days ago i bought the Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition which i want to use for work and games. It's a small and nice mouse. I like it. Unfortunately i can't play Diablo 3...
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    Event ID 37

    Hi, i can see a lot of event log entries on my SP2 like the following: The speed of processor 0 in group 0 is being limited by system firmware. The processor has been in this reduced performance state for 71 seconds since the last report. How can i get rid of this message? Any...
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    Surface 2 Factory Reset issues

    Hi, i have an issue with my Surface 2. A few days ago i tried to Reset my Surface 2 to the factory default. The S2 restarts and the installation starts. Unfortunately its not getting behind 1 %, even after 3 hours of waiting. The only way to continue is to shut down the S2 and use the...
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    Windows 8.1 RT Preview

    Hi, it seems like Windows 8.1 RT is not available at MS anymore. Any idea where i can get it from? joga Sent from the app for Windows 8
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    Surface Pro Hibernate

    Hi, i have a strange issue with my SP. Whenever i don't use the SP i put it into Hibernate mode (not standby), While in Hibernate the SP should not eat up battery life. Unfortunately my SP eats up the battery while in Hibernate ( ~ 30 % in 8 hours). A complete reset of the SP did not...
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    Audio Recording

    Hi, i'm searching for an audio recording app for my Surface Pro which keeps recording when in the background. Can anyone help? joga
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    replacement unit

    Hi, i bought a Surface Pro 2 weeks ago. I live in Germany so i had to import the Surface Pro from the US. Now i have an issue with the Kickstand. The holding of one of the screws is broken, so the Kickstand is not stable anymore. Does anyone have experience with exchanging a Surface in...
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    handwriting recognition

    Hi, is anyone using One Note 2013 to take Notes? Is handwriting recognition working for you? I can write with the stylus in One Note but when i try to convert the text it's doing nothing. Any ideas? joga
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    Civilization 5

    hi, did anyone play civilization 5 with the touch update on the Surface Pro? If yes, can you share your impressions? Cant find Civ5 on the app store. Where did you buy it?
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    Wireless speed

    Hi, my AP at home supports 802.11n which allows up to 450 Mbit/s. My Notebook and my Surface RT are connected to the same Wifi (5Ghz), same SSID. No doubts about that. I have 2 SSIDs broadcasted, one for 2.4 ghz and one for 5 ghz. My NB and my Surface RT are on the 5 ghz wifi. On my...
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    USB stick

    Hi, my Surface with Windows RT does not recognize my Sandisk 32 GB USB 3 stick. The stick works perfectly on my Desktop and my Notebook. My desktop supports USB 2, my Notebook USB 3. Anyone else having an issue connecting USB 3 devices? joga
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    Surface RT and Surface Pro sdxc slot

    Hi, how fast can Surface RT and Surface Pro read / write to an SDXC 10 class card? I want to buy a SDXC card (for my Surface RT and for my hopefully soon owning Surface Pro) but i'm not sure if i will limit myself with buying a to slow SDXC card. Right now i'm considering the following...
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    logon user

    Hi, i'm curiouse to know what kind of user you use to login into your surface. Do you use your Microsoft account (like and why? Do you use a local account and just add your Microsoft account data into apps like the store? Why are you using a local account? Right now...
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    Hi all, took some time, but now it seems like a hacker has found a way to Jailbreak Windows RT. With this Jailbreak it should be possible to run unsigned code. The question is how well will non optimized code run on any ARM device!! I'm sure i will not run Photoshop on the Surface :)...
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    Hi, i'm looking for an application like Rowmote for Windows 8. Rowmote is remote for Mac's. I use it to control my applications on my Mac Mini running Mountain Lion. Now i like to test Win8 on my MacMini. Is there a good way to remote control applications (like Plex) running on Win8? I...
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    Hi, my surface started to squeak at the left back side. It seems like the back site is releasing and when i hold it in my hands it starts to squeak. Does anyone else have this issue? joga Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
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    Indexing file share in a nas

    Hi all, I store all my media on a qnap nas located in my network. I want to add this qnap nas share to the index of my video section on the surface. That way my media should appear in the my media section on xbox video. Whenever i try it i get an error message back. Does anyone knows...
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    Screen protector

    Which screen protector are you using for your surface? I may buy one but dont know which one. joga Sent from my Windows 8 device using Board Express Pro
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    Surface and stylus

    Hi, I bought a stylus 2 days ago. Its a bamboo stylus duo. Feels very good, fits perfectly into my hand. My plan was to use it to make quick notes in pdf files, or to quickly make notes in any office document. Unfortunately it doesnt work very well, so my stylus is more or less useless. I...

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