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    Immersed VR on SP6?

    Well, I'm not currently using 4 screens as I doubt there is a need, but I guess I could fire up one more since I'm using my gaming laptop and not the Surface Pro 6 just yet, but I will still try it out to see how it performs anyway. Regardless, this is a great way to get work done IMO as it...
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    Immersed VR on SP6?

    I've had a Quest 2 VR headset for a month or so now and am really interested in the Immersed VR app. Just wondering if any Surface Pro 6 users in here have tried it out yet. I'm curious to see how the Surface Pro 6 handles up to 5 displays in the virtual world as well as the passthrough...
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    Backlight bleed and bright spots on all devices?

    Interesting how this issue is still ongoing. Here I am getting ready to upgrade to a Surface Pro 8 and give this Surface Pro 6 to my wife to use as her personal computer. I doubt an Android device could ever replace a Windows desktop OS device, but hey...
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    KB5012643 really has improved Win 11 on my Surface Pro 6

    Surface Pro 6 was running a bit sluggish for a bit now and then I installed this cumulative update and man is it performing way better! Anyone else get this update yet? Feeling better about it now....
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    Another SurfacePro screen bulge?

    If it's turned on by default, the Surface Pro would never charge past 50% when plugged into a charger. It's only needed when docked permanently, but being a flexible device that can be mobile means you will need access to the full charge of the battery.
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    Another SurfacePro screen bulge?

    I think people that leave their Surface Pros plugged in to a docking station all the time or plugged into power all of the time need to have this enabled in the BIOS so that the battery doesn't start bulging like crazy...
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    Use a Surface device on VDI, Windows 365 or similar

    I have experienced VDI on a Surface Pro device and it works fine....but it's VDI....and the VDI always has random issues that have nothing to do with the Surface Pro and everything to do with the VDI failing.
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    Use a Surface device on VDI, Windows 365 or similar

    Def using Citrix. didn't know you could use it with anything else, but it's terrible and ALWAYS locks up, stutters, users can't logon, VDI's end up having to be rebuilt because they're corrupting and failing to install updates etc. It's a hott mess and I doubt it's the configuration. I actually...
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    Use a Surface device on VDI, Windows 365 or similar

    VDI is a nightmare and shouldn't be used IMO. People try to have Microsoft Teams video calls over a VDI and obviously it fails, stutters, and has PLENTY of issues. At my job they are phasing out VDI and issuing laptops instead for better performance/reliability/etc. No, the touchscreen does...
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    Why Did You Buy Your Surface Pro and How Do You Use It?

    I started out as a massive iPad fan until I got my iPad Air 2 and learned that it STILL could not open some videos, websites, other content online. I would keep getting an error "...this content not available on mobile device..." and just got angry and sold it to a local GameStop and waited for...
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    Does the Alcantara Signature Type Cover touchpad pop off/on?

    I have a Surface Pro 6 with the Grey Signature Type Cover and was wondering if any crumbs, sand, or dirt gets under the touchpad would you have to just try and use a whole can of compressed air to get all of the dirt grains out or can you pop it off clean underneath and pop it back on safely...
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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    UPDATE: So I have been regularly using my Surface Pro 6 on Windows 11 and I have noticed that battery seems pretty much the same. I hit 6 hours using the device for consumption browsing the web, reading articles, the occasional video here or there. Using it for work with the brightness turned...
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    This is the biggest reason to get any Surface Tablet over any iPad. So many restrictions on iPad. "video not available on mobile" website takes you to the mobile version only and you can't get all of the functions on the website because the mobile site is watered down and missing links, you can...
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    When will Win 11-pro released

    I'm not on the Insider program, but it finally showed up in my Windows update in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 6 last night. Maybe it's just a matter of time before they roll it out for your Surface device?
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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    Move the power button way to the right? You mean on the Surface Pro 8? Otherwise, pressing and holding on the start menu button brings up an option to reboot/shutdown pretty quickly and easy to access. Surface Pro 6 lock button is in a good position though and I had the same concerns about the...
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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    .....and I got the ability to upgrade again. 28% downloaded so far. Win11 has been great on my Dell laptop so far so, let's see how it is on Surface Pro.
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    Marvell Avastar Bluetooth adapter keeps dropping after 10 min

    Just got the same update not 3 days after having read this post. Not sure what it does since WiFi has been fine before and after the update was installed.
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    Surface Pro keyboard noisy

    I have been noticing in a lot of online reviews, video reviews as well, the noisiness of the Surface Pro 8 keyboard being mentioned a lot. I kinda understand the touchpad part but you don't HAVE to click the trackpad since it's touch sensitive, You can gently tap it and still get a left or right...
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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    Ok, nevermind I guess. Download stopped and disappeared. Guess I'm back on the waiting list. lol
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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    My fated day has arrived. Downloading/installing Windows 11 on my Surface Pro 6 now from Windows Update. Not an insider beta version either.

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