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  1. jnjroach

    End of Type Cover?

    I think you are seeing the impact of the supply-chain issues that are impacting the Tech Sector, I do believe we see restock but it will most likely target enterprise and corporate customers.
  2. jnjroach

    Surface Pro X Windows 11 has problems after upgrading

    Check Windows Update, there was an installer and launch bug in Windows 11, a patch was deployed in the last day or so...
  3. jnjroach

    Surface Pro keyboard not available?

    You can buy them on Amazon from 3rd Party Resellers. But there does appear to be a parts shortage in the channel for legacy Pro typecovers.
  4. jnjroach

    Windows 11 - No Hibernate After Sleep Setting?

    The Legacy Power Control Panel is still available, access via Windows File Explorer
  5. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 8 with 32 GB Ram?

    I only see this for people who want to flex :D In all seriousness - If you are a AI/ML Developer or a Professional Photographer or Artist using Raw files I could see the 32GB of RAM coming in handy.
  6. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 7+ vs Surface Pro 8?

    I've been using the SP8 since Tuesday and it is by far the best Windows 2 and 1 I've used. Enhancements over the Pro7+ 120Hz Screen 13" display that is the best panel I've seen on a Surface New Digitizer Slim Pen 2 with haptic feedback 2 TB4 ports allow for further upgrades and use cases...
  7. jnjroach

    Are newer i5's as fast as older i7's?

    I have a SP8 on pre-order - i7/16/256
  8. jnjroach

    red lines suddenly

    Sounds like over-heating or the dGPU is dying Make sure there isn't dust build up in the vents
  9. jnjroach

    So... Windows 11!

    Not yet...
  10. jnjroach

    So... Windows 11!

    It was the Connected Standby Power State introduced in Windows 8 - allows for always on connectivity while maintaining battery life. It's like your smartphone - it can be in a low power state and still receive notification and calls.
  11. jnjroach

    Chances of Duo getting Android 12?

    Rumor is A11 this month or next...
  12. jnjroach

    So... Windows 11!

    Yep - It's running mostly fine, some reboots entering S0iX
  13. jnjroach

    I have a surface pro4 laptop The drive is full, but the contents only adds up to 25gb

    Open PC Settings - System - Storage and it will give you a breakdown of what is occupying your space, my guess is you'll find you have a large number of Temp Files (including previous versions of Windows) and then Apps and System. It will walk you through deleting what you don't need.
  14. jnjroach

    Windows Pro instead of W Home edition

    If you have a License for Windows 10 Pro, just go to PC Settings - System - About and change the Key to Pro, no need to reinstall
  15. jnjroach

    So... Windows 11!

    I'm running Windows 11 on my Pro X with the new Office ARM64 Insider Build. Working well especially for an early build.
  16. jnjroach

    Brand new SPX crashed after W10 Update

    I'm running Windows 11 without any major issues, I'm also running the new ARM64 Office Insider Build. IIRC - the latest Firmware updates should have fixed that specific bug-check.
  17. jnjroach

    Brand new SPX crashed after W10 Update

    I have two SP X devices and neither has had this issue, sounds like a fluke. I have one on Windows 10 and one on Windows 11 currently.
  18. jnjroach

    Windows External Monitors Are Large

    Are these older applications? Some older application struggle on High DPI screens (like the Surface), you can attempt running the Application Troubleshooter Settings - Update and Security - Troubleshoot - Other Troubleshooters and select the one for Application Compatibility.
  19. jnjroach

    Surface Pen- light is blinking but won’t write

    If it uses a AAAA battery then it is required for inking, unlike the Wacom EMR that current is in the screen, the Microsoft (N-Trig) Pen has the power in the pen. One thing you can try is remove the tip of the pen and put it back into the per barrel.
  20. jnjroach

    Windows External Monitors Are Large

    Look at you display properties under Settings-System-Display and select your external monitors and look at the DPI scaling - I would recommend that they be set to 100% with 1080 monitors.

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