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  1. dcoplien

    Facebook-- Auto correct not working.

    Autocorrect is via your browser, not facebook. tYPE an incorrect spelling on a reply here and see if you get the red squiggly line. I did for tYPE.....also on FB. Next are you using the flawed FB ap or actually using a browser?
  2. dcoplien

    change account information on SPro4

    How to Change Microsoft Account Email Address
  3. dcoplien

    change account information on SPro4

    I use a gmail account. No problems.
  4. dcoplien

    Windows Hello Goodbye

    I used it for a day or two then went back to PIN
  5. dcoplien

    Connect to WIFI 5 Ghz

    I had the same problem. Deleted all my access points that were "remembered", rebooted and was back in business. Don't recall what had happened that caused the problem.
  6. dcoplien

    Battery sudden drain 65%-0%

    Is this for a Surface Pro4 or a Surface Book? I only see "battery changed" from my SB which has 2 batteries.
  7. dcoplien

    Sept 13 Update

    Manually install from KB3189866 stuck at 45% or 95%? Install it manually instead - gHacks Tech News, then restart
  8. dcoplien

    Sept 14th Update Stuck at 45% Download

    Thanks for the link!
  9. dcoplien

    Sept 13 Update

    Mine has been sitting at 48% for several hours. I am not in power saving mode so I am glad to see I am not the only one with the hang up.
  10. dcoplien

    Wifi slow to connect after restart or resume from sleep

    Mine was doing that for about a month. Latest update seems to have solved the problem.
  11. dcoplien

    Can anyone explain this to me please?

    Adaptive hibernate - Windows 10 hardware dev
  12. dcoplien

    Poll Surface Pro 4, a very expensive frustation

    IMHO most of the major problems (assuming you're current on updates), seem to be with quality control by whomever they contracted with for manufacturing.
  13. dcoplien

    Surface Pro 4 Excel Lag

    I didn't change any settings. One of my daily sheets is 4 pages with an average 0f 15 col. and 200 rows, 10 of which are called in from yahoo finance. Open a new spreadsheet and then click File, Account, Office Updates; when I've had problems, that seemed to fix them. Doesn't always work with...
  14. dcoplien

    Surface Pro 4 Excel Lag

    I use Excel daily and have no problem.
  15. dcoplien

    Fan start to spin when charging

    It could be windows defender scanning. I always plug the charger in first then hit the power button. If I do it power button then charger, it heats up quite quickly.
  16. dcoplien

    July 12 2016 Windows Update Issues Anyone?

    I got a graphics update 1 or 2 days later
  17. dcoplien

    Problems with 2.4 GHz networks

    Found the source of the problem via my routers log. I was on my deck using the 2.4 GHz connection when I installed the updates. After the reboot it had selected the 5 GHz connection and I didn't know it. Since this happened on both the SB and SP4 since I see no update for the network adaptor...
  18. dcoplien

    Problems with 2.4 GHz networks

    Found a fix that worked for me. It was purely a guess on my part. There seem to be others where the problem is with the network card. 1) search for Change WiFi Settings 2) click Advanced (below list of available connections) 3) click the 2.4 GHz connection that no longer works, click Forget...
  19. dcoplien

    Problems with 2.4 GHz networks

    My SP4 and SB can no longer use 2.4GHz networks. This started before todays updates so I don't think they are related. Also worked after the update last Tuesday. Checked to make sure the adapter was set to auto and not 5, rebooted router, tried release and renew of ip, looked to see if my...
  20. dcoplien

    Battery Drain While Plugged in

    Well gee. I bought a new car knowing I got the v4 and not the v6. Now I find it can't tow my pontoon boat. Should I get a new motor for free?

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