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  1. dcoplien

    Problems with 2.4 GHz networks

    My SP4 and SB can no longer use 2.4GHz networks. This started before todays updates so I don't think they are related. Also worked after the update last Tuesday. Checked to make sure the adapter was set to auto and not 5, rebooted router, tried release and renew of ip, looked to see if my...
  2. dcoplien

    Is this a new threat?

    I just got a pop-up warning saying windows firewall blocked my touch keyboard on public networks. Is this new? All windows touch or just SP4?? I have never had that happen before. I usually don't take my keyboard with me.
  3. dcoplien

    April 12 2016 update

    The update released today should solve a few more problems Windows 10 update history - Windows Help
  4. dcoplien

    Strange heating issue

    I decided today to take my SP4 as my primary rather than my old tablet. Put in in my car seat, set in sleep then hibernate, made sure it was facing toward the front so nothing would touch the power button. Was at 100% charge. 15 minutes later I heard the fan kick in, couldn't do anything...
  5. dcoplien

    Watch your battery while charging

    My SP4 kept getting hot while charging in sleep mode. Thought I had solved the problem by using the power button rather than closing the type cover to put it into sleep mode. Last night I had it turned completely off, woke up this morning to find it so hot that I had to drop the pen. Since it...
  6. dcoplien

    Solved USB Ethernet Does Not Work

    Tried to download a system image and it stalled out at 1% remaining so I got out my USB Ethernet but it wouldn't work. Turns out it's one more registry error in Win 10 and a problem that's been known for a long time. This should have been included in one of the numerous updates.
  7. dcoplien

    Increased battery by 1 hour

    I installed an app to show mWh used. Normally I check facebook with my phone but have been using my SP4 the last couple of days with Edge. Switching to the FB app added an hour to my battery life as it's mWh is considerably less. I read a number of online news sites daily, tried apps for NBC...

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