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    Screen mirror from SP4 to Roku

    Has anyone successfully screen mirrored your Sp4 to Roku? When I try, it crashes my SP4. I don't know if it's the SP4, Win10 or the Roku.
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    Pen / handwriting recognition

    I really liked the handwriting recognition panel on Win8 but stopped using it on Win8.1/10 because they changed the interface. The panel is very small and the second line is worthless. More importantly, I can't figure out how to clear th writing for a new line. It's a big step backwards. Any...
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    Solved Boot time issues

    So, I received my SP4 i5 on Monday and after loading Office and a few apps it was taking over 2 minutes to boot up. I called up Microsoft and went through (painful and lengthy) troubleshooting, which ended with them telling me to clean the device and reset. The device got 8% through the Win10...

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