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  1. spinachpie

    Surface book 2 screen flicker

    I bought a new surface book 2 around 6 weeks ago and the colour was too warm/yellow . I changed the display settings so there was less red and blue and the screen would intermittently flicker. I returned it . Got a brand new one from somewhere else. Same thing in that the screen is way too...
  2. spinachpie

    Increasing two finger scroll speed in Chrome

    On my SP3 the scroll was much faster in Chrome. I have tried increasing number of lines within mouse settings, but nothing changes. Am I looking at the wrong page?
  3. spinachpie

    Ouch this thing burns!!!

    set it up today and have chrome with three tabs open. It burns in tablet mode. Please tell me this is not normal?
  4. spinachpie

    Upgrade from SP3 i5 8GB 256GB?

    I have the SP3 i5, 8GB, 256GB and Amazon have the new Pro i5, 8GB, 128GB plus keyboard for 750GBP. I use it for browsing mainly, but like to take it away for travels etc. Only issues with this one are battery life and the fact battery drains whilst in sleep mode (or even off). Does the new...
  5. spinachpie

    New 'lappable keyboard' Brydge

    Brydge lets you type on the Surface Pro 4 in style - Page 3 Looks very interesting. As my hinge isn't working that great this could be a good alternative.
  6. spinachpie

    Broken Kickstand

    Sad times. The black connector on one side of the kickstand came loose today and came out of the socket. One side is fine, but the other needs fixing or replacing. I'm out of warranty, but wondering if there was any advice on what to do? It's pretty useless without use of the kickstand :/
  7. spinachpie

    New LGC battery problem?

    Surface Pro 3 plagued by yet another battery problem Mine currently sits at 41,754 from a design capacity of 42,157. This is a replacement refurbished unit and has the LGC battery. It has also been plugged in for a while at has stayed at 99% and 'not charging'. Anyone had actual issues with...
  8. spinachpie

    Surface Pro 3 and Chrome battery life improvement

    Since the release of Chrome's new update I have found that the battery lasts a lot longer on my SP3. Battery says 8 hours and 25 minutes remaining so far (25% brightness) and I have had Chrome open for an hour. Good news :D
  9. spinachpie

    Simplo defective SP3 battery making the news...

    You may be in luck if you are out of warranty (hopefully now it's out there, they may help others)... Microsoft is charging Surface Pro 3 customers to fix defective Simplo batteries Surface Pro 3 with Simplo Batteries Are Responsible For Microsoft’s Latest Surface Headache -
  10. spinachpie

    Just smashed corner of screen - and it needed repairing already - what can I do?

    REALLY unlucky here. My SP3 battery was degenerating badly over the last 2 months and was going to arrange to get it replaced by MS. Well, today I dropped it (hotel porter dropped it in my bag) and the top left corner of the screen is smashed. Will they still replace my SP3 - or now it's...
  11. spinachpie

    Choppy Video when streaming

    Anyone experience this on the SP3? When I am streaming 1080p video, the stream becomes choppy after about an hour. It's really annoying and happens every time. This is when I am hooking it up to my 4K TV. Does this have any bearing? I have tried clearing my cookies etc and no joy. It happens...
  12. spinachpie

    Chrome and (to a lesser extent Firefox) constantly crashing

    Anyone experiencing these random crashes on Chrome? Happens more often during YouTube use, but also happens with anything. I uninstalled my previous version and installed the 64bit version, but no resolution. Firefox does something similar. This has only been since the beginning of last...
  13. spinachpie

    How do you rate Cortana?

    I don't know if it's the quality of the mic or Cortana, but she is not responding to 'Hey Cortana'. And sometimes when I click the mic button in the search box, she doesn't even respond or acknowledge my question. Also, is there a way to get her search results in Google?
  14. spinachpie

    Missing the Get Windows 10 app

    Anyone else missing the Get Windows 10 icon on the task bar? I downloaded the Windows 10 troubleshooter from this page: It says that my version of Windows is inelligible for the upgrade. I have Windows 8.1 Pro. Anyone know what's going on or have...
  15. spinachpie

    Different warranty periods for different models?

    Just having a look at my device on the MS site and it says my warranty expires January 2017. That is just over two years worth of warranty and am confused (not complaining!). My original Surface Pro 1 was the standard one year. I am in New Zealand by the way. Final question - is it possible...
  16. spinachpie

    Swipe keyboard for SP3?

    Anyone know if there is a swipe keyboard available for Windows 8? When i'm using my sp3 with one hand for typing it takes a long time to type and swipe keyboards for my note 3 have been a huge time saver.
  17. spinachpie

    Surface 3 is the tablet I wanted vs Pro 3 but can't change

    When I bought my SP3, it was because I wanted a Tablet which wasn't a toy. SP3 surpassed my expectations but the Surface 3 at those price points was the tablet I would have purchased if available. I use my surface all the time when travelling and was frustrated at my iPad's inability to play...
  18. spinachpie

    Does lowering resolution conserve battery life?

    Or does it do nothing to aid longevity? :)
  19. spinachpie

    SP3 doesn't go into standby when cover closed

    I've noticed this over the past month or so. I close my surface type cover and then I return an hour later and I can hear it running. I then open the cover and the screensaver is active instead of standby. Is there a setting I am using incorrectly or is this happening to anyone else?
  20. spinachpie

    Lapability greatly improved vs laptop

    I find the SP3 even better than a regular laptop for lapability. It works in many different positions - for example, if I am sitting on the couch cross-legged, the SP3 fits and nestles nicely, with the screen in perfect position. If I am half lying-down, again the positioning is very easy to...

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