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  1. macmee

    Can we get a pro x forum?

    It would be great to have a forum just for this device since its so new and different. I have been looking for a place to talk about software for it but there isn't s great spot on the internet dedicated to discussing it yet. I think this website would be a great spot todo so on.
  2. macmee

    when I detach and reattach my clipboard my battery goes from charged to 85%?

    when my clipboard on my SB2 is attached to the keyboard it says 100% charged on both batteries. But if I detach the clipboard and immediately reattach then the battery reports as 85% and says it will take 30 minutes to charge. I can do this over and over. As soon as it reaches 100% charged I...
  3. macmee

    fans at max when idle here's a picture. CPU usage is 3% during this. GPU is 0% and iGPU is 1%. My fans are on MAX in high performance and are noticeably loud in high performance. This is my second SB2 (my first one stopped being able to charge, so MS replaced it). I noticed too how...
  4. macmee

    Is this amount of battery wear a lot for just 12 cycles?

    Sometimes my SB2 wont charge, and I'm trying to figure out of the problem is that the battery is faulty: It looks like I've had 12 charge cycles but the battery has worn 8%. The device is maybe 4 months old.
  5. macmee

    SB2 plugged in, not charging

    The other day my surface started saying "plugged in, not charging" and now will not charge. Things I have tried to fix it are: 1. re-installing windows 2. trying a usb-c power source 3. charging the clipboard directly 4. tee-pee mode + base & then trying to charge 5. turning off and on 6...
  6. macmee

    can anyone on 1803 post a picture of all the updates they have installed on their sb2?

    I'm worried I'm missing some, because I reverted 1803 and it never showed up for me again. I've since manually re-installed it but now I want to make sure that I'm not somehow missing other updates as well. The only ones I have after installing 1803 are:
  7. macmee

    HowTo faster unlocking in tablet mode for when tablet is on a flat surface?

    when I'm home on my desktop I like to put my surface into tablet mode and rest it flat on my desk. the problem is windows hello obviously cant see me in this position so I have to unlock with a pin. this can be very slow because you first have to swipe windows hello up and away, tap a very small...
  8. macmee

    I can't get windows update to find 1803

    I installed 1803 abit ago on my SB2 but it caused fortnite lag. I want to try it again but it doesn't show up in windows update anymore as an installable update since I reverted it. Update history shows that I already installed the update but doesnt mention anywhere that I reverted back to 1709...
  9. macmee

    games crash due to graphics card disconnecting mid game? DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED

    I'm on a SB 2, GTX 1060 6gb model. Specifically fortnite keeps crashing with the error: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED I'm on the nvidia driver 397.93
  10. macmee

    Anyone else ever get a BSOD with the reason: driver_unloaded_without_canceling

    I got the BSOD about 10 minutes after detaching and re-attaching my clipboard on my SB2. I did so because for some reason it wasn't detecting the keyboard's battery. It does that randomly and usually re-attaching fixes it. It fixed it this time too... apart from the BSOD 10 minutes later. There...
  11. macmee

    new SB2 - doesn't sleep

    I have a brand new SB2 here, fully updated. For whatever reason when I put it to sleep (or close the lid) it just keeps on running. For example yesterday night I put it to sleep, woke up and it was hot.... this was alarming because it was in clamshell (screen closed) mode all night so the...
  12. macmee

    Does anyone have a screen flickering issue?

    Apart from all the software issues I've had with Windows and my Surface(s) I've never had any hardware failures yet with the SP4, but I guess a lot of people are having this issue: We are 1600+ customers who lost $2.5+ Millions due to faulty/defective Microsoft Surface Pro 4 devices Why...
  13. macmee

    only 4 hours of battery EVEN WHEN I optimize for battery

    My capacity is about 35k mWh but the discharge rate is about -7k/hr and I am getting about 4 hours of battery life. This is all *WITH* me trying to optimize for battery life. I have battery saver on, the screen on low and all I'm doing here is browsing the internet (reddit) so nothing intense...
  14. macmee

    My SP4 keeps rebooting automatically to install updates and they removed the option to disable? WHY!

    I used to be able to go in and do this: but now this option is just gone (lol) and for some reason Microsoft thinks it's A GREAT IDEA to just reboot and close all my programs right in the middle of my work day! I had to open up group policy editor and navigate that mess to enforce a policy...
  15. macmee

    SP4 2 hour battery life, 16,000mW draw.... only running edge nothing else

    here's a picture and a battery report yeah.. I'm only running msedge and browsing reddit here and the 15k mw draw is huge. I don't see any rogue processes eating power either: and the display is on...
  16. macmee

    can I have both connected standby AND my power saver plan?

    If I keep connected standby on then the ONLY power plan I see is Balanced. I don't see the built in power saving plan nor do I see my custom one. If I turn CS off then I see all my plans but then I have to hibernate... .... and wifi doesn't work when I come out of sleep, which literally has...
  17. macmee

    Anyone getting insider preview builds?

    I turned it on hoping to get 14986 on my SP4 however it says I am already up to date, doesn't find any new builds...
  18. macmee

    External monitors don't work and crash Windows

    Here are the steps I do: 1. I boot up the surface and login and am on my desktop 2. I plug in a mini display to hdmi cable which is connected to my monitor 3. random black squares appear on the desktop on the external display 4. the external and internal display both go black 5. everything...
  19. macmee

    Can we talk about battery life? Microsoft says "up to 9 hours"

    Microsoft's website says "up to 9 hours of battery life" the best I ever got was 7:30 hours on windows 8, and never more than 5 hours on windows 10. Has anyone actually gotten 9 hours or does that sound as impossible to you as it does to me? Also you might say: "but they say up to" and that's...
  20. macmee

    has anyone gotten xterm-256 colors working in bash?

    now that W10 has bash (this is really freaking cool) I was wondering if anyone managed to get 256 color mode working? I tried xming and xterm but get some sort of error about dsub not existing. I don't have time to investigate further now but I'm impressed that bash is working as well as it is.

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