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    Power Cover

    Does anyone know if the upcoming Power Cover will work on the original Surface Pro in addition to the Surface Pro 2? I couldn't find the information online. Thanks for any help!
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    Surface Pro slow after BitLocker

    Hello, My Surface got kind of slow after applying and then unapplying BitLocker. I turned the feature on several months ago and didn't notice much of a performance difference other than a bit of lag upon waking from hibernation. However, about a month ago I decided to install Ubuntu on a 10...
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    Can I lock down a driver?

    The latest Microsoft video driver for the Surface breaks compatibility with a bunch of programs that I need for work. Both the original driver shipped with the Surface and the new one directly from Intel work just fine, but the Microsoft one crashes my programs. Unfortunately, my Surface keeps...
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    Where to report problems with the Surface?

    How can I contact Microsoft regarding support for the surface via email? I went to the Surface support page and all they have is phone and live chat. The latest video driver update broke almost all of the programs that I use for work (PyMol, Visual Molecular Dynamics, Xwin Server, AutoDock...
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    Dual Boot

    I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on the Surface Pro and now I can't boot into it. Could anyone help me figure out why? Here are the steps I took: 1: Disabled Secureboot in the BIOS 2: Shrank the system partition on the SSD by 10 GB. 3: Burned a bootable 64 bit Ubuntu 13.04 ISO onto a flash...
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    Pen and Keyboard for Surface Pro Question

    Hi All, I'm using the Surface Pro with type cover and I have a few issues that I'd like to solve. 1: Is a way to manually calibrate the pen? As in, type in numbers that say "I want the writing point to be 3 mm to the right of where you feel the touch"? No matter how many times I calibrate...
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    Cleaning My Surface

    Hello, I sat down outside on a concrete ledge and took out my Surface Pro to do some homework. I didn't realize that by touching the ledge as I sat down, I got some while chalky substance on my palm and fingers. I then used that hand to touch my Surface, and afterward realized that I had...
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    Surface reads SD card as "Read Only"

    I'm using a Sandisk 64 GB SD card on my surface for music and games. After finding out that libraries don't support the SD card its native state, I used the Disk Management plugin to unmap it from its drive letter and mount it in C:\SD Card. I then created a "Games" folder and started to install...

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