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    Surface Pro 6 , No Iris Graphics option! :(

    Yesterdays announcements were a little underwhelming. Even with the Studio which receives 7th gen CPU's. I was a little disappointed personally.
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    Wired vs wireless headphones. Your preferences?

    I use both kinds, and am partial to Sennheiser.
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    Anyone else get a crap load of updates?

    Got a large amount of firmware updates today. Most were marked for improved system stability. Personally I haven't seen a difference post installation, though I didn't have any issues prior to the install either.
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    Who is getting one? Why or Why not?

    Personally am intrigued by the device, but probably will not be getting one. Why? I just don't have any use for it right now. Which might change in the future.
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    Never-ending myriad of bugs

    I really don't know what to say. I guess I just got lucky. Maybe its time for you to try another product like the XPS 15 2 in 1.
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    Never-ending myriad of bugs

    Have the latest set of updates made a difference?
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    Surface Go section?

    I guess it is aimed more at the iPad demographic. I can see the advantage of a Go for light work, limited to Word/PowerPoint type of stuff. However for those that already own a Pro or SB I can't see a real reason to buy one. Then again I am something of a dinosaur, so am probably completely...
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    Probably hardware based on the UEFI boot. YMMV. Try cleaning the button, maybe even using a floor vacum cleaner to suck out any dust or debris stuck I there.
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    what SD card should i buy

    I use the BaseQi as well, with a 256GB SanDisk
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    Never-ending myriad of bugs

    I basically use mine for coding etc. So my use case is quite different to yours.
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    Surface Go section?

    Is anyone even going to buy one?
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    Never-ending myriad of bugs

    I seriously haven't had any issues. Not even with the SP1 I used to have.
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    SB2 8gb 256gb playing games

    I am assuming that it is a SB2 13 Inch. Ensure you update Windows, and the Nvidia drivers that should fix it. Also try lowering the resolution on the games.
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    SB2 8gb 256gb playing games

    What version of the SB2 do you have?
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    Charging through USB-C doesn't always work

    This has been observed with a few USB C chargers. The general consensus is that most USB chargers do not have enough power to charge both batteries especially if the machine is doing intensive-ish tasks.
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    First Surface Pro Questions/Issues

    It generally is a bad idea to try and disassemble any Surface, even if you are fairly experienced. In general for things like YouTube Chrome is a lot better than other browsers. Getting an SP4 or later is entirely your decision. I personally would shell out on a SP3 due to it being relatively...
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    Surface Book 2 and Airpods

    It should. Try it out and let us know how it goes.
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    SP4 Bricked?

    In the event that nothing works, I would still contact Microsoft Support. Maybe you could send it in for repair, wont be cheap but cheaper than a new machine. Please do let us know how things pan out.
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    Using 2 laptops

    Yup work issued laptop. I would never buy one for myself. Have always had bad experiences with the brand, especially on warranty. Luckily I can use any of the other laptops I have for work as well. So I primarily use either the SP4 or SB2 now.
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    Using 2 laptops

    Unfortunately mine isn't a Carbon. It just is a piece of crap that is tightly locked down, that I cant even apply patches to upgrade it to 1703. It by and large just gathers dust.

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