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    Pen clip for the top?

    would be nice if they made some kind of slot for the pen clip as it's very slim and straight. any engineers out there and partner on a kickstarter, i can build the site and fund the project ... just need the right designer.
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    Use This Gadget to Run EVERYTHING From Your USB 3.0...

    Lots of 1 star reviews, I'd read them first. Looks too good to be true and seems like it's been confirmed. Customer Reviews: Toshiba Dynadock Docking Station (PA3927U1PRP)
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    Surface Case Reviews

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I'm in NYC and always on the move. You're right, vertical is MUCH better than horizontal for day travelling because the more narrow center of gravity will help balance it on your shoulder. After about 10 trial bags ... this is EXACTLY...
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    Surface Case Reviews

    i really wish we could break these review threads up into sleeves, folios and travel cases.
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    Surface Case Reviews

    This one looks great ... but where is the black trim on black ... or at least grey trim on black? some of us are professional users. :LOL:
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    Crazy Question: Can you Roll Back to Windows 7?

    I wish! Win 8 makes Vista seem like the perfect OS. It's horrible!
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    Closing screen shuts off wifi services - namely Samsung All Share?

    Yup ... screen times out after X minutes and doesn't break connection. Close the screen ... stops services ... unlike laptop.
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    Closing screen shuts off wifi services - namely Samsung All Share?

    I set screen to "do nothing" when closed ... but still shuts off share services and wifi for my Samsung All Share / TV Streaming. Anyone have a solution?
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    Surface PRO Firmware Update...

    I just did update .. pen works .. but doesnt look like anything changed with auto-brightness.
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    copy and paste in chrome

    Lots of touch issues with Chrome i've seen, that included. And having Chrome in touch mode ... really does nothing other than space out text.
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    Best mouse

    Why ... why on earth would MS make the portable arc mouse without bluetooth? disconnecting your mouse to hook up another device like external hard drive ... to drop / drag files is paramount to a good solid mouse ... certainly not type cover or pen.
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    Return Surface Pro 128 to MS Store?

    Going with Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T (700T1C) | Samsung Tablet PCs
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    Return Surface Pro 128 to MS Store?

    Well after using for 3 weeks, I give up. For all the reasons others have posted ... trying to use as "laptop", type cover, power cord, bad balance, have to be in perfect position, 1 usb, etc. etc. it just doesn't feel right. Thinking something with tablet screen that removes from laptop like...
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    Screen keyboard appear in any form/field?

    i reallly dont understand it being annoying ... if no keyboard present ... and cursor appears ... when would it be a pia? works perfectly on android and all apps.
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    Aftermarket power tip for New Trent power packs?

    Has anyone found a power tip for new trent or backup power supply? I spend half my life travelling and have plenty of backup power, just need a tip to keep Surface Pro alive. Thanks!
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    Surface pro screen brighness jumping around

    i turned off auto brightness and hasnt happened since ... someone let me know when they fix it :)
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    RT Owner and Lover!

    i have no idea how happy anyone can be happy with RT as compared to Pro have found no use for it other than to delete almost all of it. android was so much more functional, easy to use and a ton more apps. even the best apps of RT are like android's worst. my pro is scrictly PC until...
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    Surface RT voice recognition

    android is aces over window vr, which is my opinion is overkill, unless handicapped.
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    FIXED: Touch/Type Cover Issue

    does anyone have a solution for the type key board deciding when and when not to work? is there a solution? it's getting aggrevating.
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    Voice to text in native screen keyboard?

    yes using pro ... how to turn on and access?

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