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    Tethering issue-- please help

    Fletch, the app I use is WiFi tether app.
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    Tethering issue-- please help

    Hi all: So, I have a T mobile unlimited data plan with 5GB of tethering data per month. I used it up really quickly and wont have access until May 10. Well, I am rooted and have done what was needed to do to fool my phone into using my unlimited plan to tether, allowing me to use data...
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    keyboard AND type cover?

    Hi all. Does anyone use the type cover as more of a case and quick type function and then use a keyboard for work? I am always making errors with the type cover so I have been using my old apple keyboard and I find its easier. Now suddenly the keyboard and surface pro 3 won't sync up and it's...
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    Anyone carry a portable USB hub with their SP3?

    sharp... thx for the input. changed my order!
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    Anyone carry a portable USB hub with their SP3?

    guys, what is the benefit of powered v. not? I just ordered one from Amazon for my external drive, etc. it doesn't seem to be "powered"
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    best android emulator

    just got my surface last night and set up duos-m thanks to this thread. I'm running nova with apps. LOVE it
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    Google play on Surface

    Oops I'm so new I didn't realize that. I am using Android apps on my surface 3. Sorry to derail the thread.
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    Google play on Surface

    im using bluestacks. it works but the apps are a tad slow.
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    Google play on Surface
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    New Surface 3 guy

    Hi Everyone: Happy to have joined the cult here. I have been an android phone/tablet user and have not really had a need for a laptop. I now have one ( or think I do-justifying the purchase) and decided on a surface. LOVE this machine. I am about 4 years removed from windows with the...

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