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  1. TunaSurface

    Surface stuck on UEFI

    So, my original surface that I got about three years ago is now pretty much bricked. Here's the issue: Every time I turn it on, it gives me the option to disk check or skip. If I let it disk check, it stops at 36%, and stays there for about 20 hours until going to the UEFI screen (most likely...
  2. TunaSurface

    Headphone interference when charging.

    This problem only occurs with Koss The Plug's. When I plug them in I'm okay, but when I plug the charger in I hear this low bass sound. It goes away when I even faintly touch the surface anywhere. What is this? How can it be fixed?
  3. TunaSurface

    Will this MicroSD Card work with my Surface Pro?

    Hello, to keep it short, I've had problems with SD cards with Surface's before, so before buying a new card, I'd like some help from someone smarter than me. Will this Sandisk 64GB Mobile Ultra microSDXC work with my original Surface pro? 30 MB/s Transfer speed Class 10 UHS Speed class 1
  4. TunaSurface

    Google Chrome Win8 Mode is ridiculous

    Every time I go to switch tabs this annoying pop up bar comes down. Words can't even begin to express my anger. This is stupid, what were they thinking? Sure it works if I want to use the touch screen but I'm here using my mouse looking like a moron. It's beyond ridiculous, I have to tip toe up...
  5. TunaSurface

    Will this work on the original Surface Pro?

    I got my eyes on Microsoft's own wireless display adapter, but as I'm not very good at tech stuff, I couldn't figure out if my original Surface Pro would be compatible with it. It looks like a great product since my...
  6. TunaSurface

    Touch Screen Keyboard disappears on youtube

    Hey, every time I click the search bar on, I have time to press only one key when the keyboard just disappears, resulting in me clicking somewhere I didn't want to. Does anyone else have this problem? Any fixes? Edit: It disappears the first time only, and the keyboard reappears...
  7. TunaSurface

    Asphalt Overdrive, a shameless cash grab.

    When you first launch Asphalt: Overdrive, you're greeted with a short additional download. After that the music and the feeling gets to you, you're pumped to try this thing out. Very rarely do you play games with the surface turned sideways, but as you find out this isn't a traditional racing...
  8. TunaSurface

    Best Browser for both Desktop and Tablet use.

    So ever since I found out Chrome eats the Surface's battery like a mad man, I started looking around for the second best possible option. The thing is, I use my Surface both as a tablet and as a regular PC, I switch around constantly. There's plenty of browsers out there, and I don't have time...
  9. TunaSurface

    An Actual Carrying Case?

    I've been looking for a carrying case for my surface pro for months now. The official pages have only few bags with a carrying strap (exactly what I need), but they are all ugly. Regular laptop cases like these are overkill for a surface: And I'm uncertain about cases not specifically made...
  10. TunaSurface

    Touch cover makes a loud bang when attached.

    Is this normal? Every time I attach my touch cover to my Surface pro, it makes a huge bang noise instead of that clicking noise you hear in the ads. Does it have something to do with the way I attach it? Sometimes it makes a more silent bang when I slowly and carefully creep the surface on top...
  11. TunaSurface

    What do you want in your smartwatch?

    Got me thinking the other day, what would it take me to buy one, more specifically microsofts. My results are: *Smartglass *In sync with my phone (calendar, sms, music, etc.) *Camera *Onedrive *Long battery life, and usb charging *Heart rate monitor *A quick flashlight button *Transfer files...
  12. TunaSurface

    I can see the background lights, normal ?

    This is slowly driving me mad, I usually cannot see them but when it's dark and I'm watching something that's not very bright or has black bars (usually a movie), I can see the lights below the screen shine onto the screen, I'd take a picture but it's hard to capture something in complete...
  13. TunaSurface

    Surface games (SUGGESTIONS NEEDED)

    So me and a couple of my buddies are having a night out soon. I thought the surface would be perfect for some silly board games or card games, but I couldn't find any. I browsed the store and googled but nothing. I really need some suggestion for some FREE local multiplayer games. (One device)...
  14. TunaSurface

    A long road of disappointment with Microsoft.

    The following is my 100th post. I wanted it to be a post about how I finally received my surface and how happy I was. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Take your time to read this or not, I don't really care. I just want this out of my system. About a month ago I bought my first Surface. A...
  15. TunaSurface

    What happened to the original surface (from 2006) ?

    So recently I stumbled upon these old videos of Microsoft's surface. This however, isn't the tablet you probably own. It's a table. My question is, what happened, I haven't heard of this since, and google can't find anything because, you know, the new surface. Here's some videos if you're...
  16. TunaSurface

    Microsoft Surface knock-off

    So I found these videos of a Surface clone, it's built by HKC. It's bigger and has more ports in it, but nonetheless is a knock-off. Some of you might have probably seen this already but if you haven't here you go:
  17. TunaSurface

    Belkin 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub REVIEW for the Surface pro.

    Hello, I recently bought the Belkin 4-port hub as the surface only comes with only one USB port, although it is USB 3.0. I bought specifically this one since it's only 10 bucks, and seemed to fit my purposes, from a keyboard to a mouse. It works as expected, but it has some problems. Some...
  18. TunaSurface

    Surface Pro First Experience

    Hey, i bought my Surface pro about a month ago. I got the chance to play with it for a week only though, since the video output- port was totally messed up: (What the hell could have done that?) I sent it back to Microsoft about 2 weeks ago, Their website says that the status order is as...

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