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    Type Cover/Key Board After Maket Options

    this is my question too, microsoft vs other brands on ebay. this one is almost 1/2 price of the already good priced one that 'works pretty good': Wireless Keyboard Magnetic Type Cover Trackpad for Microsoft Surface Pro 7/6/5/4 | eBay wow, i am not used to these long links does anyone have...
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    SPro4 forgotten password, keyboard not typing letters

    the article i read about installing Linux on a Surface Pro 4 implied it needed the default key board
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    SPro4 forgotten password, keyboard not typing letters

    HI! i am not a linux person yet. keyboard #1 wired USB Chinese made IBM with Windows Super keys (unsure of the term). keyboard #2 Logitech wireless K520 with Windows keys. both behaved identically. I am thinking these will make great Linux keyboards as Linux uses the Windows Super Keys now a...
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    SPro4 forgotten password, keyboard not typing letters

    i am trying to reset windows by entering my passkey with a USB keyboard. when i type letters, nothing shows up. numbers do. is this the number lock issue with fn12 key as the fix? it doesn't seem like it because numbers are not showing instead of letters, nothing shows up accept the blinking...
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    Microsoft’s aggressive tablet strategy might finally pay off

    i think this forum is about MS surface or Surface pro 4 so people here might not be all that interested in a starwars campaign and stuff running on Chromebook. it looks like you are very knowledgeable but posting in a thread from 2013 about MS' aggressive tablet strategy. is this where you mean...

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