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    Closing screen shuts off wifi services - namely Samsung All Share?

    I set screen to "do nothing" when closed ... but still shuts off share services and wifi for my Samsung All Share / TV Streaming. Anyone have a solution?
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    Return Surface Pro 128 to MS Store?

    Well after using for 3 weeks, I give up. For all the reasons others have posted ... trying to use as "laptop", type cover, power cord, bad balance, have to be in perfect position, 1 usb, etc. etc. it just doesn't feel right. Thinking something with tablet screen that removes from laptop like...
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    Aftermarket power tip for New Trent power packs?

    Has anyone found a power tip for new trent or backup power supply? I spend half my life travelling and have plenty of backup power, just need a tip to keep Surface Pro alive. Thanks!
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    Voice to text in native screen keyboard?

    Really like Android SPEECH TO TEXT in keyboard, is there one available for Surface? Maybe even dragon dictate that integrates? Or any quick launch app for text to speech any time a cursor appears ... this is especially useful without a keyboard.
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    Screen keyboard appear in any form/field?

    OK its pretty annoying that the screen keyboard has to be activated if starting to type into browser and even some programs. Is there something that makes the keyboard appear anytime a typing request or your cursor appears? Thanks!
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    Carry case for surface pro and keyboard

    Looking for small over shoulder carry case that will fit surface pro with type keyboard, power and another area for some papers. Smaller the better but not so small only to carry the PC without power. Something for meetings. Maybe couple pens?
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    How to turn off "light touch to click" on touchpad on type cover?

    Does anyone know where to find the settings for the touchpad other than mouse? Need to remove the light touch to click as it's causing uneeded problems. Thanks!

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