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  1. magicrobots

    NAS -> Modern App Control -> DLNA -> XBox One

    Hey folks! Looking for help finding an elegant, easy to set up and easy to use hardware + software solution. Start with media on a NAS; all Blu-Ray rips: - DD 5.1 or DTS audio. - I started with .mov then moved to .mkv so streaming those two formats is a must. - Currently this stuff...
  2. magicrobots

    Getting ready to put my surface to the test

    Awesome setup and results!
  3. magicrobots

    Good bluetooth mouse with programmable buttons?

    I'm using the Madcatz M.O.U.S. 9, and I love the F out of it. It's fully programmable and highly customizeable. Mad Catz M.O.U.S. 9 Wireless Mouse for PC, Mac, and Mobile Devices - Matte Black (MCB437150002/04/1): Computers & Accessories
  4. magicrobots

    surface pro + Adobe Master Collection CS6=?

    I've been using photoshop, illustrator and lightroom frequently on the Pro, and it doesn't break a sweat. And the pen is now pressure sensitive in PS with Wacom's new drivers.
  5. magicrobots

    how to slave a surface pro to a desktop like a cintique?

    Pretty sure it's impossible, although maybe wacom will come out with drivers that allow it. The tablet can't be put into "mouse mode" so it will never reach your extended desktop. Maybe it you just turned on mirroring it could essentially work the same way on your external monitor?
  6. magicrobots

    Wintab drivers released!!!!!!!

    Just installed this; and it's nice to have control over the buttons. However, the performance seems to have suffered a little; in photoshop it is pressure sensitive (YAY!!!) but it is laggy as hell. Yuck.
  7. magicrobots

    Mad Catz M.O.U.S. 9 Bluetooth Mouse

    After a couple months of this thing being on backorder with amazon, it finally arrived today. It didn't work at first, and then I got on a call with madcatz support and they showed me how to "reboot" the mouse, and then it connected perfectly. For some reason I am not able to install the...
  8. magicrobots

    Cannot "pinch" screen to make easier to see

    Thanks guys! That fixed it. What a weird, dumb thing they did.
  9. magicrobots

    Cannot "pinch" screen to make easier to see

    I thought if you go to the chrome menu and choose "Relaunch Chrome In Windows 8 Mode" it would give this functionality, but it does not. I just tried it, and NOW I have a whole other problem: Modern IE is gone. Does anybody know how to get it back one you do this?
  10. magicrobots

    Bluestacks for rt

    I can completely understand this. It's just that in my experience, BlueStacks performs poorly, and behaves erratically, and is such a poor user experience that it's not worth using. Right now there isn't really a perfect OS for mobile that does it all. Android seems to be getting there.
  11. magicrobots

    Bluestacks for rt

    This! I bought myself a Nexus 7 just for testing; it is great. and was under 2 hundred bucks ... can't go wrong! Tether it to my Lumia 920 and you have internet everywhere. Good times.
  12. magicrobots

    Surface RT and AMB Labs USB DAC

    Yeah, I had the same experience with my Burson HD160DS - pleased to see the RT picked it up immediately. That's when I was smitten and the iPad went into the drawer.
  13. magicrobots

    Can we change the nibs on the Surface Pen?

    I just received these exact nibs, and they do not fit. They are close. You can jam them in there, but then there is no pressure sensitivity and the depth calibration is completely off. They feel pretty cool; but I can see why you need five of them, they are soft, and don't retain their shape...
  14. magicrobots

    Windows Phone support retirement announcement

    I am amazed at how poorly microsoft has handled this announcement. All they have done is sew confusion in the community of their most needed to succeed product. They should have used some sort of tact and expression of exactly what this means in the future, and for owners of current devices...
  15. magicrobots

    Kickstarter Surface Pro case that has expansion ports

    That thing is awful looking!
  16. magicrobots

    1080P resolution too small? Also found something interesting...

    If you're able to install the Splashtop host on your host machine, you get full control over resolution with the splashtop client - it is an awesome RDP alternative.
  17. magicrobots

    Decent racing game.....

    Drift Mania Championship 2 isn't bad. It's not exactly a racing game, but it's a pretty good driving game. And they just released Asphalt 7 for Windows Phone, maybe that means an RT version is on the way?
  18. magicrobots

    Alternative pens?

    Anyone know if there's an eraser function on the back of the bamboo feel? There is no description of the functionality on the Wacom site. I like that it can use a hard or soft tip; though I wonder if you can just get spare tips for that thing and put them in the stock MS pen (which I don't...
  19. magicrobots

    Keyboard in desktop mode/ customize windows key

    That would be awesome. I am a mac guy so I have no idea how to do this kind of stuff, but I love your idea of making it (or something) pull up the keyboard in desktop mode. I looked through this, but couldn't find anything: Although I did see "cycle through notifications"; windows-V, which...
  20. magicrobots

    Quick tip for using the Surface as a LAPtop.

    Shocks from the kickstand is nutty though; is it just static electricity? I thought that was only when it was dry... if it's actually coming from the battery then that is crazytown.

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