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    When will Win 11-pro released

    Haven't been here in awhile, but dong last upgrade states Win 11 will run on my surface Book 2 but not ready yet. anyone have information on release? thanks
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    Charging after let go dead...

    surface book 2 purchased 12/2019 which I don't use that much and I let the battery go dead. It's been about 30 minutes and can't turn on. Charging light is on. I presume at some point it should turn on so my question how long should it take until battery comes back to life? thanks
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    SB 2 dead battery

    Hadn't used for a bout 2 weeks and 100% dead and needed recharge. Is this normal or did I do something wrong when last used? thx
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    SB-2 boot from SD CARD?

    Just purchased and I use Acronis for backup on my PC’s if need be can the book 2 be setup to boot from an SD-card or USB flash drive? thanks
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    Account setup on new book 2

    Just purchased new SB 2 and have question on MS account setup. Should I use the same info as I do for desktop PC’s at home or setup new MS account? +/- of each way. thx
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    SP-6 cpu I5 8th or 8250U choice

    Thinking of purchasing first SP, what's the difference and best choice and why? Or should I just go for the I7-cpu thx
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    viewing SP 6 outside

    How well viewable outside, sometimes sunny days too? Any tips for screen settings? thx

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