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    Successful screen removal ?

    Has anyone found a single instance of a successful screen removal or done so themselves ? I got a really good deal for my Surface Pro 3, Its perfectly usable but it need a little love. New hinges and a battery while your in there... grand total of $50 if you can get the screen off. I have...
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    Surface windows 10 upgrade

    Hey guys, I've had a Surface 3 for a long time and just purchased a SP3. My question is now that the free windows 10 upgrade time frame has passed does Microsoft still offer a free upgrade to windows 10 for the surface devices ? this might be a long shot but would makes sense for their own...
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    Charge cable spacer - tested working

    ******Tested works perfect ****** Hey guys, from the day I purchased my Surface 3 the micro USB port and cable have been sort of a love hate thing. I love the versatility but hate the design and picky charging. One of my big complaints with it is that it doesn't sit flush to the side of the...
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    "Skinomi" Surface 3 skin- Quick Review

    here is a quick review of the Skinomi Surface 3 skin available here. i wanted something that would stop the S3 from being scratched and i stumbled across these skins. the plan is to use one of these and a glass screen protector when they become a bit less expensive. I ordered the silver...
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    Glass screen protector

    Hey guys, Has anyone come across a reasonable price glass screen protector yet ? There is in available from Microsoft but its $49.99

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