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    USB 3.0 Hub issues with Logitech Webcam

    Having some issues that seem to be power related but shouldn't be. I have a Logitech C615 and a C920, each has the same issue. I am using a USB hub for a podcast setup. The webcams do not work. I have tried them one at a time. They function if they are the only device plugged directly into the...
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    Surface Pro 3 Laptop Mod

    So my wife has been complaining about the lapability of her Surface Pro 3 for a while. The stand really feels like it is cutting into her legs(She has Fibromyalgia). For this Mothers day I took some scrap wood and made a version 1 of a "Laptop Mod" for the Surface Pro 3. The surface just...
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    Chances of Surface 3 UAG Case being made for SP3

    I just saw this UAG Case for Surface 3. OMG I want it. It has all the things you would want for the S3 and SP3. Unfortunatly, it obviously will not fit the SP3. Wonder if they will make a case like it for the SP3. Note the pen holder, that is not on the current UAG SP3 case...
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    From Android to Windows phone, Bad Idea?

    I have been interested in switching to Windows Phone from Android. Right now I have a Galaxy Note 3, and have been eyeing the HTC One M8 Windows. I am quite Google-centric though. Is it a total bust for me to switch? I haven't seen much at all in the world of Google applications that run on...
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    My cat ruined my SP3, Thank MS for me purchasing Replacement Warranty!

    Well, I left my Titan case off my Surface Pro 3 over the weekend. I had my bag that I hold all my SP3 and accessories lying on the dinning room table. This morning I awoke to it being on the floor. It must have hit the floor at and angle. Screen is cracked from one corner all the way across the...

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