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    Surface Pro 4 I5 4gb Throttle Results

    Silly question but is your fan that you refer to just an ordinary USB fan which you've presumably pointed at the chassis? EDIT: Found this for SP3; is the placement the same for SP4 or did you change it? Keep your Surface Pro 3 Cool • Love My Surface
  2. J

    Surface Pro 4 keyboard

    I'm guessing it won't fit properly at all. IMO the Logitech Keys to Go is a decent BT keyboard but for a case + keyboard in one, I'd just get an original S3 Type Cover. I know it's not cheap but it works great at least. Not as nice as the SP4 keyboard though now that I've owned both and tried...
  3. J

    What case and screen protector are you using?

    Did you find that the screen protectors had any issues with the cases? e.g. some very tight fitting cases are so tight they can clash with the screen protector. I'm currently looking at the STM Dux and UAG cases. I feel the UAG case is too big and bulky though for my needs.
  4. J

    Surface 3 docking station

    Maybe they already have- and thought they needed to add 4 USB ports to help justify the $288 (Singapore) price tag. Could've sworn I read the word 'rapid' somewhere... but here is what it says as at today. Source...
  5. J

    Surface 3 docking station

    Has anyone here bought the Surface 3 docking station? The one thing which really intrigued me is on the Microsoft site it mentions that using the Surface 3 dock will have rapid charging. Without having one myself I can't test it but from looking at the photos as well it seems to connect via the...
  6. J

    Surface 3 antivirus

    It's just like any other Windows PC so no need for it to be specific to the Surface 3. Don't think of it as a unique platform - it's just a piece of hardware which runs the same Windows 8.1 as other computers/tablets. Personally, I use Avast for antivirus and the inbuilt Windows firewall.
  7. J

    Should I Trade for a Different Typecover Color

    I think it depends who you talk to- I am Aussie but lived in US, NZ and now Singapore. I feel like I've heard the term my whole life. For what it's worth, being a boy racer isn't the end of the world. I was called one for many years driving a Civic with a wing, and then an Evo with an even...
  8. J

    Should I Trade for a Different Typecover Color

    Dark blue shows dirt or dust easily too - it's kind of weird seeing the white/faded areas. I got the dark blue for my S3 thinking that it wouldn't.
  9. J

    Micro USB Port - A Poor Design?

    I bought a relatively expensive thick cable which promised a higher charging speed but the micro USB plug doesn't seem to fit into the Surface 3. It's a small/thin plug too (i.e. it's not huge/chunky or anything). It fits into my Samsung Galaxy Tab S and my Sony BT50 headphones for charging fine...
  10. J

    Enable virtualisation, so easy you wont believe it.

    Works fine for CoC. Probably not as smooth as playing it natively on my iPad Air/Galaxy Tab S though but it's definitely fine. In terms of under the new firmware, I only just did the update last night and haven't checked how it goes. Hopefully it still runs smooth!
  11. J

    Andriod Emulation?

    Mine works with AMI DuOS perfectly. Relatively smooth when playing Clash of Clans on the Surface 3. The virtualisation enabled itself automatically > It was bluestacks that had issues and wouldn't run...
  12. J

    128GB MicroSD card keeps unmounting/crashing

    Does the better performance option in policies make a huge difference?
  13. J

    Enable virtualisation, so easy you wont believe it.

    Android evidently :) I'm personally running it just so I can play my Clash of Clans village :)
  14. J

    Wireless Speeds

    Thought I'd post here again- I tried using using IE rather than Chrome. I foudn my Surface 3 stuttered when the download speed was over 200Mbps...but when it was slower it worked fine and the graphics were smooth. Weird right?
  15. J

    Poll Pen use cases?

    I use it on occasion for fun to do things in an more precise manner but the thing which holds me back from using it more is I can't use my Surface 3 for work. I'm not a student anymore and unfortunately the reality is until my firm catches up and allows us to BYOD something other than an iOS...
  16. J

    Solved Can I upgrade my S3's Win 8.1 to Win 8.1 Pro using a Win 8 Pro key?

    Wanted to add an update, I tried to use an 8.1 Media Center key which I once used on an old PC (which was since formatted and destroyed) to get the DVD codecs (why I did this I don't know given it makes no difference in Windows 10 and I don't have a DVD drive or TV tuner) but alas the thing let...
  17. J

    eBay fakies.......

    Thanks for the update. Now I know where to go if I lose my pen. Out of interest did it come with any other materials in the non retail packaging?
  18. J

    Flashlight blinking when turning on and off

    My S3's "front privacy light" does it as well when turning on/off. Could be a different camera module to the SP3 but the SP3 also has the same privacy light feature >
  19. J

    Pouch/Sleeve for S3

    thanks! hopefully someone in singapore sells something similar as that way they'll cut to fit and install for me.
  20. J

    Updates - Yay or Nay

    As long as your internet speed is decent it doesn't take too long. A couple of restarts and I was done.

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