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  1. MikemanSP4

    Mouse Hover - Menus Disappear Issue / Solved

    For awhile now on both my Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book 2 / any PC - whenever I would left click on an item, especially on the task-bar, whenever I would go to adjust the volume, or connect to a WiFi network - whatever, the menu would disappear. This would frustrate me to NO END. "When the pain...
  2. MikemanSP4

    Solved Surface Book 2 Processor Question

    Hello Everyone - I am going to attempt NOT to sound like to big of a moron by asking this question, so please pardon me if I come across like an idiot. - - - I am an American Veteran living in Germany - So yesterday I ordered the Surface Book 2, 4,2 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 1 Terabyte - (I think its...
  3. MikemanSP4

    Surface Service ConHost

    Please take a look at the attached picture to see what I am referring to. I understand what the Conhost does, I am just wondering the following........ 1) Does anyone else have this in their Startup Folder? 2) Has anyone disabled it and if so what are the results...
  4. MikemanSP4

    Digital Driver Signing -aka - "Error 52"

    After install Windows Red-Stone I encountered various "Error 52" issues with Windows not accepting the driver for certain items, as they were not "digitally signed" etc. So I head on over to the Group Policy and change the setting to Ignore Under Code Signing. (gpedit.msc / Admin Templates /...
  5. MikemanSP4

    Windows 10 "Redstone"

  6. MikemanSP4

    Built In-Administrator Account SnaFu

    Periodically upon a random reboot, my SP4 somehow turns my account into the “Built In Administrator account”. I cannot open the simplest of things like let’s say the Camera App. It will tell me – “Unable to open Application as the Built In-Administrator Account”…………. So I do a Web Search for...
  7. MikemanSP4

    Auto-Correct Handwriting App / Software

    Please pardon me if there is a topic addressing this already - I looked but didn't see one, and a Google search renders diddly. Does anyone know of a program or "app" that will automatically improve my sloppy handwriting as I write. Like real time, or immediately afterwards - it makes a...
  8. MikemanSP4

    A Few Tricks For Windows 10

    I understand this is of course the Surface Pro Forum - But with some of these tweaks Such as GodMode - which might be old news to some of you, I was able to get into my Surface Pen Menu a little deeper, and I found it to be an COMPLETELY AWESOME set of shortcuts. Try this Set up GodMode The...
  9. MikemanSP4

    Surface Software Update is SPOT ON

    This morning I woke to an update in which part of it was the Surface software. I can now take control of what my pen does with regards to clicking and holding the top. Truly marvelous. See the picture for a brief overview. Let me know what you think. Is there other pen apps that will allow me to...
  10. MikemanSP4

    Solved Surface Pro 4 - To Screen Protect or NOT...?

    Can anyone tell me about their experience thus far with using a screen protector with the Surface Pro 4? With the SP4 Pen having 1,024 degrees of pressure sensitivity, I am not sure how this correlates with the screen and using a screen protector. I mean this thing cost me around $2000.00, so I...
  11. MikemanSP4

    Surface Pro 4 MicroSD Card

    Pardon my noobness - but I just found out that the SP4 can take a microSD card. I have a few questions: 1) Does anyone have any recommendations with regards to SD card speed / capacity? 2) Up to what size (GBs) will the SP4 take? 3) Has anyone attempted to multiply the SD card port? I know...
  12. MikemanSP4

    Surface Pro Pen Flicks

    I am new to the Surface Pro - my issue is this. While navigating web pages, or just about anything that has multiple pages, I can flick the pen and a DRAG popup appears. Is there any way to use the pen to push the page up or down. I use my finger at the moment to push the page up or down, but it...
  13. MikemanSP4

    Surface Pro 4 Issue - FIXED

    I recently purchased my first Surface Pro 4 i7 - and it is a BEAST. But once I got all the standard User settings all set up - things started going downhill. For instance - the SURFACE software which allows the user to adjust the Pen sensitivity etc. - It would open up to the Splash Screen and...

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