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    SP3 Type Cover does not work (Windows 10)

    Thanks for your kind inputs, bro. You know, I run my own 3pcs SP3, and one SP4. Two SP3 work OK. I did update as Microsoft suggested. and the update times are not same time. So 2 pcs SP3 still work until now. I'm lucky with two that updated SP3. Moreover, the SP4 touch screen become useless...
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    SP3 Type Cover does not work (Windows 10)

    Folowing this problem. Me too. After I update from Windows Update, the type cover has not worked on my SP3 forever. I tried to swap my working type cover from my SP4, it doesn't work on my SP3. The type cover is still working with my SP4. BTW, I tried ways from google search, but no succeed...

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