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    Microsoft complete extended warranty for business?

    I have owned a Surface Pro 3 for a month. When I was about to purchase the complete extended warranty on line I saw there was also a complete warranty for business which extended the coverage for two more years instead of just one. However, it says it has to be purchased from a Microsoft...
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    Slight separation between bezel and glass

    Dear forum members, I noticed yesterday that on the top left side of the Surface Pro 3. There also seems to be a slight protrusion of the lighter bezel where it joins the darker bezel (right next to the power volume button). I can see that there is some dust deposited already between the...
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    Metro OneNote crashing often

    Metro OneNote crashing often when using the pen on my Surface Pro 3. The pen stops working, and the app closes and reopens. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Jordi
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    How long do the batteries on the Surface Pro 3 pen last?

    I have had my Surface Pro 3 for about a month. I already had to replace the AAAA battery because the pen would often stop working for a few seconds and then work again. Has anyone else had to replace the batteries yet? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Jordi
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    Onscreen keyboard

    I have noticed that when typing with my Surface Pro 3 onscreen keyboard some keys don't register and have to be pressed again. It seems to happen only when I am typing on line but not off line. Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone explain it? Thank you very much in advance. Best...
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    How do you hold your Surface Pro 3?

    I have an i7 Surface Pro 3. The top right hand side gets very hot, even the screen, which makes it uncomfortable to the touch when scrolling with my fingers when I hold the computer with the Windows start button on the right hand side. If I turn it so that the Windows button is on the left it is...
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    Microsoft store employees on commission?

    I am considering returning my i7 Surface pro 3 tomorrow to the Microsoft store because I have had several issues with this computer after having gotten two exchanges before this one. I am afraid that if I keep this computer after my 30 day trial I will be stuck with these issues. I would like...
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    Pen intermittently working

    I have had my Surface Pro 3 for a little less than a month. In the last week the pen suddenly stops working from time to time. After waiting for a few seconds it starts working again. I mainly use it as a mouse. Has anyone else experienced the same behavior? Could the pen batteries already be...
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    OneNote very annoying

    I was wondering if someone knew how to prevent the menu and the onscreen keyboard from appearing when using the pen on OneNote. It is very annoying... Also, OneNote keeps crashing... Thank you in advance.
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    Type cover supposed to turn on Surface Pro 3?

    I have noticed that the type cover will only sometimes bring the Surface Pro 3 back on when opened. It is unpredictable when it will. Is this normal behavior?
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    My brand new Surface Pro 3 i7 has a dead pixel

    How many of you have gotten a Surface pro with dead pixels? Did you get a replacement?
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    Surface Pro 3 screen too hot to touch

    I have had a Surface pro 3 for almost a month. It is the i5 version with 8 GB of RAM. The screen gets very hot on its right side, which makes it uncomfortable to use for webpage scrolling. It gets this hot just by browsing. What is your experience? Do you use your fingers to scroll or do you...

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