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    surface 2 sd card problem

    Hi guys, I just installed a new microsd card in my surface 2. And, I wish to move everything into the sd card. Then end up my internal hard disk even lesser space. Can anyone help me ? You may see the attached picture, I have right click the folder > properties > locations tab > move to sdcard...
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    internet explorer problem

    Hello any experts can help out please ? -- When I surf this website under my Surface 2 IE 11, I having problem with the search box function. Can anyone try it on your own Surface 2 and see what's the outcome please? Thanks in advance.
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    internet explorer problem

    Hi guys, may I know why I can't use search function in the below website ? I try to key in any product code , but the web is hanging there. Is there any setting can help with this ? I am doing fine with this website in laptop but not my surface 2.

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