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    SP4 OS Flawed?

    Sounds good. In the process of downloading the image.
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    SP4 OS Flawed?

    Thanks for the reply jnjroach & leeshor. My issues right now are pretty much the same as everyone else. The recovery image just sounded like a good idea.
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    SP4 OS Flawed?

    Is there something wrong with the OS installed with SP4? Has anyone tried to download the recovery image from MS website and install that?
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    Article: SP4 & SB Firmware Updates Released 1/22/16?!

    Everything still feel the same. I still have random Bluetooth/WiFi disconnects.
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    Article: SP4 & SB Firmware Updates Released 1/22/16?!

    waiting for some good new guys ...
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    Sp4 - can it get 5 to 6 hrs battery?

    In addition, MS is addressing battery drain issues which will probably help with battery time.
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    Sp4 - can it get 5 to 6 hrs battery?

    There are a lot of variables. Screen brightness play a part in battery drain, but it also depends on what you do. I average 6-7 hrs. with brightness at about 50% but all I do is browse the web, photo editing, digital scrapbooking, & school work (word/PPT/excel/onenote).
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    HowTo 123123213123213132131231231231313

    I'm on my 3rd one also. Although the 3rd one still has some issues, it's not as much as the 1st two. This is the one I'm sticking with. Now I'm just waiting for the MS updates.
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    SP4i7 or cheap laptop & iPad air 3* ?

    I agree. I went form an i7 down to an i5. I can do everything on the i5 that I was doing on the i7. Also, I was able to save $300.
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    whea UNCORRECTABLE error bsod

    I agree with GreyFox7. I had to return my surface (for an exchange) 3 times before I got one that has NO problems. My second one had A LOT of BSOD issues. The initial release had a bunch of bugs and should not have been released.
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    in doubt between m3 and i5

    I have the i5 version and lightroom DOES run smooth. I also use photoshop, and premiere elements on it. no problems here.
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    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    I think the times will vary depending on what people do. I check e mail, browse the web, do school work, photo editing, and lite gaming.
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    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    Any idea when the updates are suppose to arrive?
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    Which Surface Pro 4 issues remain?

    I just bought the i5 256 model on the morning of New Years eve. The only problem it had out of the box was 2 display driver crashes. Soon as I installed the updates. I had NO issues. Since Dec 31, I've gotten 7-8 hrs battery life. I love this thing. Hope all is good with yours if you decide to...
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    I'm Leaning Towards the i5 Over the M3

    I think it's a good idea. The i5 will give you a little more headroom in case you start doing more in the future.
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    Occassional Squealing Sound from Speakers when Typing

    I get that too. hopefully the next update fixes it
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    Bluetooth Issues

    There is nothing in the usb port. I don't know about the WiFi band. Everything was set up by Verizon.
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    which sp4 for me

    I agree with Zkyevolved in stating that there are other gaming laptops that give you better bang for your buck. i5 seems to be the sweet spot if you plan on doing lite gaming, word processing, e-mails, lite video/photo editing. Also consider future-proofing if it's w/in your budget.
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    First problem encountered

    I bought the SP4 i5 when it first came out and it had this issue. Driver updates resolved this issue.

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