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    What do you do with your Surface 2?

    I use office and one note. Unfortunately the old browser will not work with some of my bill websites.
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    Surface 2 still getting updates.

    I guess I shouldn't cross post this but I didn't scroll far enough and this section gets more traffic. I'm wondering how much longer the 2 will continue to be updated, especially the security. I still find mine useful and if I could update the browser it would be as useful as the day I got it...
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    Surface 2 still getting updates.

    I'm just wondering how much longer the 8.1 rt system will continue to be updated. I actually still find my surface 2 useful. I hadn't turned it on in a month though so today when I did I made it search for updates and it's now installing 11 updates for office and some other things. The only...
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    Get pro4 or wait for 5

    I wound up getting a Dell. I've been on a tight budget lately and it was on sale. After I bought it I saw how horrendouslyhorrible their customer service was and felt the need to purchase an extended warranty so I probably saved very little is anything. Its been working fine though and has the...
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    Get pro4 or wait for 5

    That's probably what I'll do. I'm hoping the non-used ones will come down in price. I've also been looking at other laptops like the HP and Thinkpad. I want something thin and no bloatware.
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    Get pro4 or wait for 5

    I currently have the surface 2RT and an older Toshiba laptop. After I got my surface I hardly ever cranked up the laptop. The RT's don't seem to be supported anymore and there are sites I can't go to on my surface 2 anymore. I really really want a new surface and was ready to pull the trigger...
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    surface 2 randomly shutting down.

    This just started today. It happed a few times in the past hour or so. I checked the event log and there were event 41 kernel error. The first time it happened I thought I accidently hit a keyboard shortcut. Then it happened a couple more times. I changed my power cord back to the Microsoft...
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    Just purchased a Surface 2... My thoughts

    The last update fixed the sound issue I was having. Plus I found some instructions on how to add a power icon to the start screen. I also added a shortcut to disconnect Bluetooth speakers, for some reason you can't do this on the Bluetooth device control. I'm still loving this thing!
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    New Surface 2 getting hot

    Mine does not get hot either. I has gotten warm when I was going through the sleep problem but that issue seems to have been resolved.
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    Problem with my Surface 2

    I have type 2 cover and have not experienced this. Just for information.
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    Hi from Savannah!

    Just had my surface 2 for a few weeks now. I was tiring of my kindle fire and it's limitations and my netbook was slow hot and hard on the eyes. I decided I needed a real tablet. I checked out the ipads a little, I have an iPhone. I really liked the idea of being able to multitask and use...
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    Photoshop for Free on Surface 2 (Sort of!)

    wow! I just checked out Pixir! Thanks!
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    Why did my surface shutdown?

    I'm still trying to figure out the different sleep options and actions. I've had problems with it not going into sleep in the past, instead the camera on, device warm and locked. So I've been just shutting it down since the last update the other day. Today I was using my surface on battery...
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    Why a Microsoft Surface?

    one more thing Almost forgot to mention, I love using ONENOTE. I've had windows seven on my laptop for some time now but did not appreciate onenote until I started revamping the way I did my bills and saved my receipts. I use it for everything now and really like that I can see my one note...
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    Why a Microsoft Surface?

    1. Why did you buy a Microsoft Surface tablet? I wanted a tablet to replace the kindle fire HD that I became dissatisfied with. I could not post on my favorite discussion forums due to not being able to control the cursor. I didn't like the features when reading kindle books, I liked the app on...
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    Just purchased a Surface 2... My thoughts

    I almost got the surface pro, but remembered that I didn't have or want to purchase, a copy of office, so I opted for the surface 2. So far I'm really loving it! My other option was an ipad, mostly because I love the kindle app designed for apple, even more than the kindle app on my fire. Go...
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    Surface 2 - Poor battery life

    I noticed the update as well, I'll be keeping an eye on my battery and sleep issues.
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    Surface 2 - Poor battery life

    Interesting. I've been having problems with mine going to sleep. I just shut it down. Now. Is there a link to the original thread? I think a lot of people are having problems with the sleep feature. I turned automatic brightness off because it was making my screen fluctuate. I mostly use...
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    Kindle on RT

    There is one but it's not very good. Not good at all. It will suffice though. I almost got an ipad because I like the kindle app on it the best but I can do so much more with the surface 2, I'm glad I got it. To be fair, the kindle app on my 1st gen kindle HD isn't that great either. The...

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