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    Official I received my Surface Book

    ah dblkk, that makes perfect sense. thanks. how about booting from usb and reinstall windows. do i need to disable secure boot for that? after i did that, the bitlocker gets in the way.
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    Official I received my Surface Book

    so... i got fed up with waiting for sb (i7 512gigs pb) from ms store (fedex still says label created). so i went and got one from bestbuy. Everything looks great. but i couldn't do what i normally do to all pcs - size down the os drive and create a data drive. I got a 512 gb ssd, but it says the...
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    Official I ordered a Surface Book

    placed an order for my first sb performance base (i7 512gb). Got an it's on its way email on wednesday night. Tracking have been stuck at "Label created" until now. Is it normal? what exactly is happening?

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