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  1. Jesse San Nicolas

    Hidden FN keys for Screenshot, Print Screen, and Screen Brightness. What else is there?

    I feel like I just discovered the Surface Pro 3's type cover keyboard dirty little secret's, using unmarked FN shortcuts. I almost feel like I wish this was a sticky as it could have saved me countless time wasted using the on-screen menu, had I known sooner. These are what I found so far...
  2. Jesse San Nicolas

    Who makes a high quality replacement power cord that's at least 5ft long thats less than $5?

    One of my biggest peeves with the power adapter is the short 1.5ft power cord. I really like the modern, high quality looks of it though. Can you guys suggest a high quality replacement power cord that is at least 5 ft in length and around $5? I don't want a cheap generic one though. Maybe I'm...
  3. Jesse San Nicolas

    Urban Armor Gear Red Case - Quick Review w/ Pics

    URBAN ARMOR GEAR for Surface Pro 3 - Amazon This is what happen's when you merge Spiderman's suit with Urban Armor. You get the most solid, robust case the world has ever seen. Seriously, this is the best looking case I have ever seen for any device in my entire life. I'm not kidding. If the...
  4. Jesse San Nicolas

    Urban Armor Gear Rogue Rugged Case - $46 for Red - $48 for Black from Amazon

    Amazon is currently selling this case that just released October 2nd, at $46 for the red, and $48 for the black. Take note, that they are currently out of stock, but once they do come in stock, I suspect the price will jump back up to the normal $69.99. If you don't mind waiting a week or so...
  5. Jesse San Nicolas

    Whats APPS are you running in Systray? Post your "Battery Life"

    I'm trying to find out who gets the best battery on their Surface Pro 3 vs whats apps you have running in the Systray. The reason is that it really blows getting only 5.08 hours of average battery life on my new SP3 just web browsing. That's slightly more than half of Microsoft's advertised...
  6. Jesse San Nicolas

    Sims 4 works on my i5 (256GB) SP3! with latest Intel HD Drivers Graphics Utility!

    Well, I installed Sims 4 and tried to run it and it was a NO-GO! Basically crashed on start-up. I wasn't surprised since Sims 4 says it requires a Intel HD 4500 at a minimum, and my SP3 i5 (256GB) only has a Intel HD 4400. Anyways, I uninstalled the Intel HD Family Driver on my SP3 and...

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