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  1. ctitanic

    Windows Update stuck at 25%

    Coming on the record on case that this happens to somebody else. I got the latest anniversary update today. The update got stuck al 25% and after more than 2 hours waiting I decided to do something about it. I removed the microSD card from the bay and to my surprise the update continued and...
  2. ctitanic

    People Apps crashing

    I can't open anymore People Apps Can anyone test to see if it's a global issue?
  3. ctitanic

    My impressions

    I just wrote a brief note at my personal blog about this Machine. To save some time to some of you, here is what I don't like.
  4. ctitanic

    Microsoft buying NTrig This is an incredible important news for the Surface Brand!
  5. ctitanic

    Using Intel's video drivers pros and cons

    It's not a secret that Intel's video drivers always have been a head in many versions that those coming to our SP3 via Windows Update. So any one wants to comment in the pros and cons of installing the Intel Drivers? Personally, the last time I checked the possibility I found that in Windows...
  6. ctitanic

    From 4 to 7 hours

    According to this review: The battery life could be between 4 to 7 hours.
  7. ctitanic

    How good is Surface 3 Atom for daily use

    You can find the answer to this question from this article written by a respectable source.
  8. ctitanic

    LTE or not LTE?

    To be or not to be. That's the question. To be means another data bill that you will forced to pay. I personally prefer to use my Phone as a modem and pay for just one bill.
  9. ctitanic

    MSI released

    Microsoft released MSI for Surface. All explained in the above blog link.
  10. ctitanic

    Sad Reality of Apple's Users

    Faced it. If you carry two devices is because you can't do all with just one of them. And sometimes you even carry two devices plus your notes. Do they know that Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3? Do they Know about OneNote?
  11. ctitanic

    Did you get a SP3 for Christmas?

    Nice article with some tips for Surface Pro 3 owners. So if you get one for Christmas that's a good place to start. Yeah, I know that most of the tricks are Windows relative but what's nice about it is to...
  12. ctitanic

    Mac to Surface Pro 3 site

    Microsoft has created a new site to help switchers!
  13. ctitanic

    Using the Pro 3 to scan documents.

    The Pro 3 does a lot of things well, scanning documents is not one of them. But one of my friends MVP have found a workaround that she shares at her blog.
  14. ctitanic


    Who am I? A recent post made me think about it so here I'm answering this question. First of all, I'm an American citizen born in Cuba (Cuban Titanic). That explains my broken English. I came to this country in 1998 with 5 dollars in my pocket looking for liberty. Before that I lived in Russia...
  15. ctitanic

    Screencast using the Surface PRO 3

    A friend told me about it and I tested it. It's possible. I wrote about it in my personal blog: I used hangout and Youtube. All running in IE.
  16. ctitanic

    Improving SSD performance

    Recently I found this thread: It seems that running this program makes a difference. Be sure to run it in Read-Only mode.
  17. ctitanic


    If you have not done it yet I invite you to test this site in your Surface Pro 3. A really nice design that works really well in IE MUI.
  18. ctitanic

    Coming back from W10

    If anyone of those testing Windows 10 wants to go back to W8.1. Here is how to do it.
  19. ctitanic

    How the heck...

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