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  1. annabanana

    Solved Outlook connector, Office 2013 and Windows 8.1?

    Yep! It works!!! Thanks!
  2. annabanana

    Solved Outlook connector, Office 2013 and Windows 8.1?

    I never found that on my web searches... thanks. I'll give it a try. Edit - it says I hope that means syncing in both directions because I want to create appointment in Outlook 2013 first.
  3. annabanana

    Solved Outlook connector, Office 2013 and Windows 8.1?

    I used outlook connector on my Win 7 desktop PC, really like the functionality. I got a new desktop with 8.1 and I cannot find anything saying outlook connector works or doesn't on 8.1 - is anyone using it with Win 8.1 and Office 2013? I find the calendar not so handy for creating...
  4. annabanana

    Poll Touchpad vs Mouse for desktop use?

    I never use touchpads if possible. I use the Arc Touch BT mouse for desktop. I have the Wedge BT mouse too but prefer the Arc.
  5. annabanana

    Why is a Microsoft IP address accessing my account?

    I looked at that Contact Us page but it has links to their social media sites only. I have some other contacts to try.
  6. annabanana

    Why is a Microsoft IP address accessing my account?

    Weird indeed. How did you get that it's a sales office in Wichita? When I tracert the IP it stops at MSN something I don't see anything on the Global Security site that would be helpful for this issue - maybe I am missing something. I have 3 smartphones, my desktop, my SP3 and...
  7. annabanana

    Why is a Microsoft IP address accessing my account?

    I wonder if any of the Microsoft MVPs or others have any ideas about this. Twice now I have gotten notices from Microsoft (Microsoft account team [] of unusual sign-in activity. Both times are from the same IP address which appears to belong to...
  8. annabanana

    Anyone use their SP3 and Note as their daily notepad?

    I use my SP3 and OneNote for all my work appointment notes in the field . I leave them in ink. I used to carry a paper notebook . The SP3 is much better.
  9. annabanana

    OWA Mail App?

    Got it. I thought you were saying you set up POP in the actual Mail app. Getting it with isn't the same thing, but the end result is the same.
  10. annabanana

    OWA Mail App?

    Sorry to go a bit off topic here, but I thought the mail app doesn't support POP. How are you doing it?
  11. annabanana

    Dropped my baby in water

    OP, I'm sorry to hear that. I agree with the rice advice, for at least 48 hours. I'd go 72 if it were me. I hope it works for you.
  12. annabanana

    Joined Up

    Welcome to the community!
  13. annabanana

    Did you get a SP3 for Christmas?

    Congratulations and Merry Christmas!
  14. annabanana

    Solved Windows Defender idle processes are heating unit, making fan blow all the time, and draining battery

    The second thing I do with a new PC is disable Defender if installing Kaspersky Internet Security didn't already disable it.
  15. annabanana

    Can You Use Your SP3 On Your Lap?

    I use my SP3 on my lap 95% of the time, sometimes with the keyboard, sometimes without. When I'm out and about with it, I often carry it in padfolio and set it up on my lap on it which makes it very stable.
  16. annabanana

    Why does my metro IE save/download files WITHOUT a . separator??

    Microsoft Security Essentials is definitely not the best there is and in AV-Comparatives protection test it's at thru bottom of the list. IMO you could have a malware problem. Any AV software is better than MSE. I recommend you download AVG or Avast - both have free versions, and run a scan.
  17. annabanana

    Do you use screen protectors?

    I've only used screen protectors once on a phone and didn't like the effect on the screen. My screen is protected by the type cover when closed.
  18. annabanana

    Post your SP3's in the WILD!

    I haven't seen any besides mine except at one doctor's office and he got his after I was using mine to take notes while meeting with him. I've had quite a few people admire it and ask about it though.
  19. annabanana

    Internet explorer going bonkers!!!

    I would run scan with your antivirus. Are you using any ad blocking lists or apps?
  20. annabanana

    To anyone that uses the Netflix App

    I haven't seen this with the Netflix app.

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