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    Ultra Mobile AutoCAD UI

    I’m hoping to find a couple of AutoCAD users out there that have access to a tablet (Microsoft Surface, . . .), or 2 in 1, or convertible (Lenovo Yoga, . . .). Ideally, this touch capable devise will have a pen which allows for ‘hover’ functionality. I’m developing an Add-in UI that tries to...
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    We owe them some guidance

    We have a responsibility as well. As relatively early adopters of Microsoft’s mobile effort, it is up to us to demand more. And demand correctly. I think we all dropped the ball with regard to Windows RT. Let’s be honest, Most of us are windows desktop users. Even though we may not get all...
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    The crux of Windows RT devises.

    I sense a renewed excitement from Microsoft as it adapts to this more mobile computing trend. They may have been late to, but look to become the life of, the party. They also look to challenge the 2010-2012 notion of content creation vs. consumption devises. Interestingly, though, the Surface...
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    Surface 2 killer app

    Did Microsoft just uncover RT’s killer app? Not the typical App Store app. A combination of hardware and software – can’t use firmware, as that term already has implications, - perhaps we can go with Bladeware. Blades could end up being the coolest new addition to Surface | CITEworld If...
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    Latest Quarter Numbers?

    The members here possess considerable tech savvy; though that still allows for differences of opinion. What say we put hard numbers to those opinions? What will the latest quarter numbers show? My guess: Surface RT – 2.5 million units. Surface Pro – 2 million units. The RT edging the Pro...
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    New Surface RT User in Rhode Island

    Hello everyone, For background, I'm an AutoCAD user/developer. I should also mention that I'm not a huge fan of overpriced hardware, games or social networking sites - though social networking is slowly luring me in. Much of my work happens in the field, so the tablet form factor is...

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