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  1. Arachas

    It's... sluggish

    Keeping in mind that I'm coming from a MacBook Pro 13" 2017 (and have my wife's 12" MacBook to compare with, as well a 4-year old plastic Acer)... ... my new Surface Pro feels sluggish. As I type this, the letters take a fraction longer to appear than you'd expect. A bit of a stutter. Happens...
  2. Arachas

    Microsoft Build 2018

    Kind of surprised to see so few rumors with Microsoft's yearly conference around the corner. I'm personally holding out for a 8th gen Intel Surface Pro - but honestly I'd settle for one without lightbleed!
  3. Arachas

    Are there any SP5 models WITHOUT lightbleed?

    I've wanted a SP5 for over a year now. I went through 9 models in 2017 and, exasperated, bought a Macbook Pro in the end. The reason? ALL the SP5 models had that hideous line of lightbleed at the bottom. I ended up selling the Macbook as, I didn't like that, either - I prefer Windows 10 over...
  4. Arachas

    Not nearly making battery life (+ slow performance)

    Hi all, So I took the leap and shelled out on a nSP i5/8Gig/256SSD. Overall I'm pretty impressed with it. Beautiful screen, typecover takes some adjusting but is enjoyable. After using it for two days, I've got two issues with it: 1. It's sluggish. Browsing isn't snappy, even as I type this...
  5. Arachas

    Buy SP4 now or wait for SP5

    Hi everyone, I've been eyeing the Surface Pro 4 ever since it came out. I'm a freelance consultant, I need a slick looking and portable machine to work on-site with clients. It needs to be fast, reliable and (did I mention?) slick looking. However, I still had a Macbook Pro from 2012 (still...
  6. Arachas

    Surface Pro for a musician

    Hi guys, My Macbook is nearly 4 years old and I'm looking around for a replacement. Considering I also want a tablet and haven't got one yet, the Surface Pro line has caught my eye. One of the reasons I want a tablet is the fact that I play guitar in a band. All the guys in the band use OnSong...
  7. Arachas

    Not a Surface owner... yet!

    Hi all, Checking in from the Netherlands here. No Surface Books for us yet, but I'm heavily considering a Surface Pro 4 for this year. If you guys would like to help me pick a suitable machine, please reply to my thread over here: Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation? Much...
  8. Arachas

    Is a Surface Pro 4 a good solution for my situation?

    Hi guys, Just registered here. Great to have a place for Surface enthusiasts. I'm still on the fence about buying a Surface (and if so, which one), hence I'd like to ask for your (honest) opinion. My situation: I'm a freelance marketing automation consultant (if you have no clue what...

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